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Working Offline with UC: Personal
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019 11:16AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

The Universal Capture: Personal desktop application provides the ability for users to choose to work offline. You might want to consider working offline to prevent automatic publishing of a capture right after recording or avoid using your data plan to record and publish.

Working Offline means that I never want UC to attempt to connect to the internet, regardless of whether or not it can.
Working Online means that I want UC to attempt to connect to the internet whenever it detects a valid internet connection.

How is Working Offline different from being offline due to not having an internet connection?

  • To see the option to work offline, you first need to connect to the internet and log in. From this point on, you can choose to work offline at any time when not actively capturing, regardless of internet connectivity.
    If you are simply not connected to the internet, you can start recording without logging in.
  • When working offline, the application will not attempt to upload any recordings until you manually switch to working online again (or log out).
    If you are working online but not connected to the internet, UC will automatically attempt to upload recordings in the background as soon as there is a valid connection.
  • When working offline, the only publishing location available will be your Library.
    If you are working online but not connected to the internet, you will see a cached list of your available sections as publishing options.

Switch between Working Offline or Working Online:

  1. Launch Universal Capture.
  2. Click into the Universal Capture menu:
    • Echo360 Capture on a Mac.
    • Help on a Windows machine.
  3. Click Work Offline or Work Online.
    Work offline menu option (Mac)
    Work Online menu option (Mac)

You will know that you are working offline when you see the Working Offline indicator in the status area.
UC UI with Offline indicator
If you are working online, but have no internet connection, you will see "Not Connected" in the status area instead. 

The number of recordings created while working offline is also displayed in the status area. There is no limit to the number of recordings created while offline. However, to ensure that there is enough space on your computer to continue creating recordings, at ~5 GB of free space left on your computer, Universal Capture will start deleting recordings from your system that have not yet been uploaded (starting with the oldest ones).
UC UI w/ offline indicator and pending uploads

When you are ready to work online again, follow the same process outlined above. Alternatively, logging out will also reset this selection, taking UC back into a working online state.

Once you are back online, UC will check to see if you have a valid user session. If you do not (either because you logged out or you have been offline for more than 30 days), you will need to launch UC and login to start uploading recordings. If you do (because you logged in at some point within the last 30 days), Universal Capture will automatically begin to upload any recordings that have not yet been published in the background.

Now that you are both online and Universal Capture knows who you are, all recordings that are pending upload will automatically start uploading. It will start with any that have already been partially uploaded, then work through the rest of the pending uploads from the oldest to the newest. This process takes place in the background so there is no need to launch or keep the application open to upload. While uploading, the status area will count down the total number of recordings that are still pending upload as well as display an upload progress indicator for the recording that is actively uploading.
UC UI with offline captures uploading
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