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Zoom Integration for Instructors and Students
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2019 12:53PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

If your institution has a Zoom account, and if your Administrator has configured the Zoom Integration for Echo360, you can now have your Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud and then automatically uploaded to Echo360. If your Zoom login email matches your email address in Echo360, the uploaded recording will appear in your Content home (My Content) and can be published or shared as needed.

All of the integration happens on the administrative side of Echo360. All you have to do is ensure that:

  • When your Zoom meetings are recorded, you select to Record to Cloud and NOT to the local machine.
    Echo360 can pull the recordings from the Zoom Cloud once they are complete IF the Zoom Cloud Recordings are configured to:
    • Allow Downloads
    • Allow anyone with the link to download
    • BE SURE that Only the Host can download cloud recordings is NOT checked.
  • You may want to log into Zoom and set your configured meetings or personal Zoom Room default to Record to Cloud, along with the above listed cloud recording settings.
  • Your Zoom login email matches the email address you have in Echo360. If you're not sure because you log in via an institution portal (SSO) or enter through your LMS/VLE, click the Settings icon in the top right corner of Echo360 and select Account Settings. Your email address is shown there. Compare it to your Zoom email address.
  • You are NOT using a Zoom Free account outside of your institution. Zoom integration with Echo360 does not work with a free account and those cloud recordings cannot be automatically picked up by Echo360. You CAN however manually upload any Zoom recordings to Echo360 if needed.
  • Other notes:
    • Zoom hosts can stop and start a recording, which results in multiple recordings of the single session. Only the first recording will be copied into Echo360. Users should pause the recording if necessary, or close and relaunch the meeting room to generate a new Zoom recording.
    • Zoom meetings greater than 8 hours will not be copied into Echo360. Those must be manually downloaded/uploaded into Echo360 if appropriate.
    • Zoom recordings greater than 5GB will not be copied into Echo360. Those must be manually downloaded/uploaded into Echo360 if appropriate. 

    All recorded sessions are automatically published to the Echo360 media library where they can be edited, managed, and shared, just like any other video. Instructors can publish videos to their classes, allowing students to view the video while using the classroom tools such as such as time-synced notes and discussion, bookmarks, and automatically generated transcripts. Instructors can also benefit from the section analytics to see how students are engaging with the Zoom recorded content.

    Students can use Zoom (if they have a Zoom login) to record study sessions or group discussions that can be shared with other students or instructors.

    AS ALWAYS however, Zoom recordings (like any recording) can be recorded directly to the local machine and uploaded manually to your Content library, or downloaded from the Zoom cloud and then manually uploaded to Echo360. 

    Recording Layout Options in Zoom

    Unless set and enforced by your Zoom Administrator, when you configure your Zoom meeting room and set Record to Cloud as the default option, you can change the Recording Layout settings. 

    • Record active speaker with shared screen: Record both active speaker view and shared content on the same video.
    • Record gallery view with shared screen: Record both gallery view and shared content on the same video.
    • Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately: Select the layout types that you want to record as separate videos. 
      Echo360 does not recommend recording as separate videos; only a SINGLE view/video of the recording will be selected for ingestion into Echo360.
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