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Managing Group Member Privileges
Last Updated: Oct 04, 2019 03:39PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

The members of a group can possess one or more content access rights or levels in the group. They are:

  • View Only - These members can only view the content added to the group. All members of the group can at least view group media. All group members added via a Public Link automatically have View Only rights in the group (except Admins who are given Owner rights by default as they have Group management rights for the institution).
  • Add & Upload - These members can add media to the group, either from their existing content library or by uploading files to Echo360 for sharing in the group.
  • Remove - These members can remove the media from the group. This privilege is typically added along with Add & Upload but can be given (and revoked) separately.
  • Owner - These members have full administrative rights over both content AND members in the group. 

Once given, these rights can be changed, revoked, or re-added as necessary EXCEPT FOR OWNER permissions. Once a user is made an Owner in a group, that privilege cannot be removed except by an administrator OR you can ask the user to leave the group. If you re-add them, you can do so with different group privileges.

Group privileges are indicated by checkboxes located next to each group member in the Individuals list.

List of group members with currently assigned privileges

To change the privileges for a single group member, check and uncheck the box(es) as appropriate. 

  • If the user has View Only rights currently, you must uncheck View Only before being able to enable Add & Upload and/or Remove.
  • If the user has Add/Remove rights, checking View Only automatically removes Add/Remove content privileges.
  • You cannot leave a user in the group without at least View Only rights. If you try to do so, the View Only privilege will be automatically restored. You must remove the user from the group to remove content viewing privileges.

DO NOT check the OWNER box unless you are absolutely certain you want to make this user an owner. You will NOT receive a warning or notification, and you cannot remove owner privileges for another owner. You also cannot remove the user from the group. You will have to ask an Administrator to remove that user's Owner rights to the group. Alternately you can ask the user to leave the group, then re-add them with proper content access rights.

Changing Group Rights for Multiple Members

To change group content privileges for multiple users at once, use the checkboxes to the left of each user's name to select them. You may also want to use the Search box to limit the list to only a subset of group members.

There is also a Select All checkbox at the top of the list, but proceed with caution when selecting all members of a group to alter group content rights. Adding and removing privileges this way takes effect immediately, and if you alter a large number of group members' rights, you may find you need to go back and re-do several individual user privilege changes.

Best Practice: Select ONLY those users whom you are certain are to be given (or have revoked) the SAME group rights. It is STRONGLY recommended that you DO NOT use this method to give Ownership to group members. Ownership, once conferred, cannot be revoked except by an administrator, or by the owner voluntarily leaving the group.

List of group members with some of the list members checked and bulk privilege change options shown for steps as described

NOTICE that when multiple users are selected, corresponding privilege selection boxes appear ABOVE the list. These are used to enable, disable, or leave-as-is the currently existing privileges for the selected users. The differences in checkbox status is as follows:

  • If the checkbox is empty, NONE of the selected users have this privilege applied. 
  • If the checkbox is checked, ALL of the selected users have this privilege applied.
  • If the checkbox has a line through it, SOME of the selected users have this privilege applied. Do NOT change this checkbox to leave those rights in place. Once changed (checked or unchecked) you cannot return the "only some" users to their original state without doing so individually. There is no option to cancel this change.

ADDING a check to one of these bulk-change boxes, gives all selected users that content privilege level. For example:

  • If you ADD a check to the View Only box, all selected users with Add & Upload or Remove content rights will have those revoked.
  • If you ADD a check to either Add & Upload or Remove, the View Only checkbox is cleared and all selected users are given the selected Add/Remove content rights.
  • If you ADD a check to a box where only SOME of the selected users have that right, ALL selected users are given that privilege. In the case of View Only, users previously with Add/Remove privileges will have those rights revoked (those checkboxes are automatically cleared).

REMOVING a check from one of these bulk-change boxes REVOKES that right from all selected users. For example:

  • If you REMOVE the check from a box where only SOME or ALL of the selected users have that right, ALL selected users will have that privilege revoked.
  • In the case of View Only, removing that checkmark will have NO affect on the users if other rights are not added. You cannot have members in a group without at least View Only rights. The list will show their checkmarks removed, but they are returned on page refresh.

Once again, we recommend you use bulk-privilege changes with some caution.
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