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Video Analytics on the Content Details Page
Last Updated: Jul 17, 2019 11:42AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

When you first open the media details page for a video, the Info panel is shown by default, containing sharing information about the media; individuals it is shared to, the classes/sections where it is published, and any URL links that may have been created for it. 

Next to the Info tab is an Analytics tab, that provides Video View information and statistics for the video. This data is not currently available for presentations. The Analytics tab is also not visible to students.

Media details page with analytics tab identified and showing video viewing information as described

This same viewing data can also be viewed as a Heatmap overlay on the video player itself. Click the Heatmap button, located on the right side of the playback control bar shown below, to show or hide the overlay on the video playback panel.
Content details page with heatmap overlay showing on video playback panel as described

The Heatmap allows you to see what portions of the video are being viewed most often. It uses the same data shown in the Analytics tab of the Content Details page, but lays it out on top of the video and its timeline, so that the viewing data corresponds with that location in the video. It is essentially a graph of views that occurred for every 30 second segment of the video.

The viewing data collected includes all forms of viewing this video: in a classroom, as a public link or embedded video, or through the media details page. The statistics shown for the selected video are as follows:

  • Views - A view is counted when a user loads the page or embedded video and presses play. If user reloads the page and presses play again, another view is counted.
  • Unique Viewers -  A count of different users who have viewed the video. This only counts users who could be identified and does NOT count anonymous or public (non-authenticated) viewers.
  • View Time - Total amount of time viewers have spent viewing this video. 
  • Average View Time - Average time spent viewing the video for each view event. Specifically the calculation is: View Time / Views
  • Downloads - The number of times this video has been downloaded.
  • Average Play-Through - The average percentage of the video that viewers have watched. Specifically the calculation is: View Time / (Capture Duration * Views)
The data shown is updated once daily at 00:00 (midnight) UTC (UTC is also referred to as Greenwich Mean Time or Zulu Time).
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