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Control a Universal Capture Recording
Last Updated: Sep 05, 2019 11:58AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

You can pause, resume, or finish (stop and complete) any active Universal Capture (UC) recordings. When using either the UC: Classroom desktop application, the UC: Device interface or the UC: Online interface you can also start a scheduled recording early, or add time to a recording that is in progress.

To start a scheduled recording early (Classroom & Appliances only)

  1. Launch Universal Capture.
    Five minutes before the scheduled recording is slated to start, the Universal Capture window indicates a pending capture and includes a message to click Record to start the recording early.
    UC with upcoming capture banner
  2. Click Record. A countdown appears after which the Universal Capture window minimizes and the capture begins.

To add time to a recording

  1. Launch Universal Capture.
    The time remaining for the recording is shown below the preview panes.
  2. To add time to the recording, click the Plus (+) and then select how long you would like to extend for.
    The amount of time you can extend by is determined by several factors, including whether there are any upcoming scheduled recordings, if the capture is live (15-minute maximum extension), and the overall capture length (maximum 8-hour capture length).
    Universal Capture extension options

NOTE: You cannot extend a capture into the next scheduled recording. The Time Remaining may increase, but the recording will stop several minutes before the next scheduled recording (to allow the system to complete preroll for the next capture).

To pause, resume or finish (stop) a recording

  1. Launch Universal Capture.
  2. From there, click StopPause, or Resume as needed.
    Clicking Stop will finish and complete your recording, meaning that it will finalize and publish to the selected location.
    Capture Controls
    NOTE that a recording cannot remain paused for longer than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the paused recording will automatically complete and upload to Echo360.

To cancel a recording

You may have the ability to cancel a recording, if enabled, depending on your role. This means that the recording will be deleted completely with no ability to recover it.
  1. Launch Universal Capture.
  2. Click the X to cancel.
    UC controls with Cancel enabled
  3. Confirm that you would like to cancel the recording.
    Cancel Confirmation screen

When can I cancel a recording?

  • Instructors can cancel scheduled recordings if they are the presenter AND the feature has been enabled. Ad hoc captures can be canceled any time.
  • Administrators can cancel scheduled recordings if they are the presenter whether or not they have enabled the feature for Instructors. Ad hoc captures can be canceled any time.

Note that only the presenter (primary instructor) can cancel scheduled recordings.

To use the menu bar on a Mac to control a capture (Desktop Application only)

  1. Locate and click the Echo360 logo in the menu bar.
    Red Echo360 logo with recording time remaining
  2. From there, click Finish (Stop), ExtendPause, or Resume as needed. The application window can also be brought back to the front by clicking Open Echo360 Capture.
    Menu Controls as described

To use the system tray icon on Windows to control a capture (Desktop Application only)

  1. (Optional) Show 'Echo360 Capture' in the taskbar (Settings > Personalization > Taskbar).
    Windows taskbar settings
  2. Locate and click the Echo360 logo in the taskbar.UC taskbar icon during recording
  3. From there, click Finish (Stop)ExtendPause, or Resume as needed. The application window can also be brought back to the front by clicking Open Echo360 Capture.
    UC taskbar menu options

To use shortcut keys to control a capture (Desktop Applications only)

Shortcut keys will not work with your numeric keypad, instead, use the numbers that are a part of the typewriter keys.

Action Mac Keyboard Shortcut Windows Keyboard Shortcut
Pause & Resume (toggle) Command + 6 Control + 6
Finish (Stop) the Recording Command + 8 Control + 8
Extend the Recording Command + 1 Control + 1
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