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Sharing and Unsharing Media with Other Echo360 Users
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019 08:09AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

The media you own in the Echo Content Home page is yours to do as you please, including sharing it with other Echo360 users. Sharing an item with another Echo360 user makes that item appear in the Shared With Me tab of their Echo Content Home page, though it does so with YOUR name on the tile, because you are still the owner. 

See Viewing Shared Media for more information on viewing items that have been shared with you, as well as what actions may be possible on shared media. 

Also since you own the content, you control who it is shared with and who it is NOT shared with; you can un-share content by clicking the X next to a user's name in the Individuals sharing list.

Sharing and un-sharing content with users can be done by:

  • Click the menu button on the media tile on the Content Home page, then click Share. The Individuals tab shows by default.
  • Click ON the media tile to open the Content Details page. Then scroll down to the Individuals section of the Share Settings. 
Both methods are shown below, but work fundamentally the same way regardless of how you access the Individual sharing list.

NOTE: Sharing content with users is different than creating and sharing Public links to content. Sharing can only be done with other Echo360 users; Public Links can be used by external users as well as Echo360 users to view the video media. 

Sharing Content with Individuals from the Content Home Page

To share content with another Echo360 user from your Content Home

  1. If necessary, click My Content from the left side of the Echo Home page to view all the content you own (you can only share media you own).
  2. Use the Filters and/or Search box to find the item you want to share.
  3. Hover over the media tile and click the Menu button.
  4. Select Share from the media options menu, as shown in the below figure.
    Content tile with menu button identified and Share option shown for steps as described

    The Share settings modal appears with the Individuals tab active by default.
    Share settings modal with no individual shares showing
  5. Use the Share with drop-down list at the bottom of the modal to select a user to share the media with.
  6. Type directly into the textbox to filter the list based on the text provided. Continue typing or backspace as needed to find the user you want. 
    Share settings modal with text entered and matching users shown for steps as described

    NOTE: The Search matches the FIRST portion of the text entered, though it can be the first part of the user's First name, Last name, or Email address.

  7. Select the matching user you want to share this media with. Once selected, the user appears in the Individual shares list, as shown in the below figure. 
    Share settings modal with selected individual appearing in shares list as described

Repeat the above steps to share the item with additional users. All individual shares will appear in this modal until no longer shared with them.

Click the X next to a user to unshare this media with them.

Individual share settings with shares listed and unshare X button identified as described

Sharing Content from the Content Details Page

To share content with another Echo360 user from the Content Details page.

  1. Click on a content tile in your Echo Content Home page to open the Content Details page.
  2. Scroll down to see the Share Settings area of the page.
  3. In the Individuals section, click on the Share with drop-down box and begin typing the name or email address of the Echo360 user you want to share with.
    As you type, matching users appear for selection, as shown in the below figure. The more you type, the shorter the selection list becomes.
    Media Details page with Sharing to Individuals section shown and user drop-down list identified
  4. Select the user from the list when they appear.
  5. Repeat these steps to share with more users

The media is now shared with the selected user(s) and they appear listed in the Share settings until you un-share the media with them, or they remove it from their Shared With Me page.

Share Settings area of media details page with individual shares listed as described

The recipients will not receive any notice that you have shared content with them, so you may want to let them know to look in the All Content or Shared with me tab of the Echo Home page.

Click the X next to a user to unshare this media with them.

Share Settings area of the media details page with individual shares shown and unshare X icon identified as described
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