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Creating Copies of Class List Media
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 03:20PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Students

Some institutions allow the instructors, teaching assistants, and even students to make copies of media that has been published to a section. This means that users can generate their own copies of content to edit and share with other users as appropriate.

You may not see the Create copy option. If your administrator or instructor has disabled the ability to create copies, you will not see the create copy option for your in the class list icon menu. 

Creating copies of content generates an exact duplicate of the item, including Activity or media slides in presentations.

The user who initiated the copy becomes the OWNER of the copy and the item appears in the My Content section of the Echo360 Home page

Copying can take some time for large files. The create copy feature simply makes a copy of the original, but generating this copy can take some time. While this is happening, the copy will appear to be in "processing" status, and you cannot view the copy until the copy process is complete. The new copy, once created, will appear in your content library.

To create a copy of class-published content

  1. From the class list, find the item you want to make a copy of.
  2. Click the media icon to open the menu for that media.
    The options available in the content menu depend on which type of content was selected, whether you are an instructor, teaching assistant, or student, and what features are enabled for the institution or section. Below is shown a video icon menu for a student.
    Class list page showing video content icon menu for student as described
  3. Select Create copy from the menu.

You will receive a confirmation flag at the bottom of the screen to note that the copy is being created.

After the copy has been generated, it appears in the My Content section of your Echo Home page. You are now the owner of the copy.

You may want to use the Edit details feature to rename the copy, which has a default name of "original_name (copy)".
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