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Overview: Instructor Class List
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019 11:48AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

When you click a Course tile from the Echo Home page, you end up on the Class List. Or there may be a link from your LMS course into Echo that points directly to the Class List.

The Class List is, as its name would imply, is the list of classes in a course/section. Typically they have a name and a date. The classes are usually listed in chronological order, though instructors or teaching assistants may change the order if they want. If there is media published to a class, the class has an Icon for the type of media it is: either a video or a presentation or both. There are other indicators that may appear in the class list that are discussed below.

Instructors generally have full control of their class list and the media shared to the classes. Teaching Assistants can also control the class list, the media in the classes, and other aspects of the section, under direction of the Instructor. See also Managing Media in Classes as well as Managing Classes in Your Course for more information and links to further help articles.

Instructor class list with media icons and currently active class indicator shown as described

A Green dot to the left of the class Name, shown for the Ad Hoc class on May 23rd in the above figure, indicates that the class is happening now (the current date/time is the same as the scheduled class' date/time).  

Interpreting the Media Icons for Classes

If there is a Blue Plus sign icon, that media slot is empty. For classes where there are scheduled lectures that will be recorded, the empty slot is for a presentation. The video slot is allocated for the class recording. You can click the blue plus icon to add a presentation to the classroom.

If there is no media in the class or slated for future publishing like a scheduled capture is, click the Blue Plus icon to add a video or add a presentation into the classroom.

Green icons, as shown in the above figure, indicate that  there is media in the classroom and that students can view it. 

Dark Gray icons, also shown above, indicate that there is media published to the class, but students cannot view it; it is unavailable to students. The video may be waiting for closed captions to be applied, or you or another instructor/teaching assistant may have set student availability of the content to a particular date-range. If you see a series of unavailable videos in the class list and you did NOT set availability for those items, check the Delay Availability setting for the course. Those videos may be waiting for closed captions. 

Light Gray icons, shown in the bottom-most class in the above figure, indicate that there WILL BE a video for that class, probably a lecture capture of the class, but it has not yet happened and is therefore not yet present in the class. This merely indicates a holding-slot for the video that is scheduled to appear there.

Click ON THE ICON to get a popup menu for it. This popup provides a wide range of functionality to section instructors and teaching assistants. The options for class published media are discussed in Managing Media in Classrooms.

Video icon menu for an instructor with media options as described

Other Class List Icons

The "conversation" or bubble icons located on the right side of each class row have a number next to them that indicates how many questions have been posted in that class. Click on the balloon icon to be taken to the Q&A Tab with that class' discussion posts showing.

Conversation bubble and edit and delete icons for a class for instructors in the class list as described

To the right of the conversation bubble and number are the Edit class and Delete class icons. These allow you to edit the class name, description, and other details about the class. The Delete class icon allows an instructor to delete the class from the section. Refer to those linked help articles for additional information and warnings where necessary.

Some classes are streamed live (in real time) as they occur. These are indicated by a LIVE badge that appears next to the class name.

  • A gray LIVE badge (gray live icon) indicates a future class that will be streamed live. If you enter the class early, you may see a countdown timer to the beginning of the class.
  • A green LIVE badge (green live badge) indicates that this class is happening right now and is currently being captured and streamed. Things in live classes act a little differently so we have a whole help article designed to answer any questions you might have about it.

    NOTE that a Green LIVE badge always appears with the Green Dot discussed above, indicating that the class is happening right now. If the Green Dot appears without a live badge, the class is happening but the video/capture of it is not being streamed live to students.

Searching and Sorting the Class List and Adding Collections or Classes

At the top of the class list are a few more features available for instructors and teaching assistants in a course/section. 

Class list search and sort features with new class and new group buttons as described

Enter text into the Search box to find classes with matching criteria. The Class list search will attempt to match Date, Class Name, or Class Description (if there is one) to the entered text.

Use the Reorder button to (obviously) change the order of the Class List.  Students will see any reordering changes you make, though they can temporarily re-sort the list chronologically for themselves if needed.

  • You can Sort the class list entirely by Date, in either ascending (oldest first) or descending (newest first) order. Note that classes without a time/date will be listed at the top or bottom of these sorts depending on which you selected. 
  • You can also click and drag classes around in the list, placing them in the order you choose.

Finally the New Collection and New Class buttons at the top allow you to manually create new, empty classes to hold additional media for your students, and to create collections that allow you to organize classes together in a way that makes sense for your instruction or for student viewing. The figure below shows a collection in the class list, expanded, to show the classes within it.

Instructor class list with Collection showing classes within the collection as described
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