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Embedding an Echo360 Video into a Media Slide
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 03:07PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

A media slide can be created by simply specifying a URL To embed an Echo360 video onto a media slide, all you have to do is paste a Public Link URL for a video into the URL field. If you need additional information on generating Links for videos, see Getting a Video's Public or Embeddable Link

NOTE: The public link to the Echo video must be set to "Public" meaning it does not require authentication. Authenticated links will not play the video within the slide. However since users have to be authenticated to see the slide deck in the first place, you should not need to require authentication to view an embedded Echo video in a media slide.
ALSO note that video views through the media slides (like any embedded video) do not generate student view analytics for the video; only student views of the slide itself, which get counted as soon as the slide is shown in the classroom.

To create a media slide with an Echo360 video

  1. From the main menu, select LIBRARY and locate the video you want to embed. 
  2. Click on the tile for the video in your library. This opens the Content Details page.
  3. Below the capture viewing pane, click the SHARING tab. 
    content details page with sharing tab and Add Link button shown for steps as described
  4. In the Access links section of the Sharing tab, click ADD LINK
    The Access links section changes to show the newly generated link along with the options available.
  5. BE CERTAIN that the Access options section has Public enabled for the link. This is the default. Private links will not play in media slides.
  6. Click in the URL field to copy the URL to your system clipboard.
  7. Click the browser's BACK button to return to the LIBRARY.
  8. Locate the presentation you want to add a media slide to and Click on the tile for the presentation. This opens the Content Details page.
  9. Click the Edit Presentation icon, located in the top right corner of the content details page
    All of the slides of the presentation appear.
    Presentation slides
  10. Click ADD SLIDES.
    Add slide to existing presentation option with selections as described
  11. Select Create a media slide.
    Create a media slide dialog box with options for steps as described
  12. Click your cursor into the URL field and press Ctrl+V or Command+V to paste the Public Link URL you copied for the video.
  13. Click DONE.

The new slide is added to your presentation. It can be played inside the slide just like any other embedded video (such as from YouTube) and is shown in the Echo360 embedded player.
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