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The Content Details Page
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2019 07:52AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

If you have media in the All Content tab of your Echo Home page, that simply means you have access to media outside of a classroom. It might be media that is also published to a class, or media you uploaded, or media that has been shared with you. Viewing it through your Content Home page gives access to the Content Details page, also referred to as the Media Details page. As the name would imply, this page provides details about the media not otherwise available, as well as additional functionality.

If you are a student, and you have no items in the All Content area of the Echo360 Home page OR you do not see any Content tabs at all, this page does not apply to you. There is only one way you are viewing content and that is within the classroom in a section. See Accessing Courses and Accessing Classes for more information, along with Using Classroom Tools for what you can do in the classroom.

There are a few ways to open the Content Details page

  • Click on a content tile in your Echo Content Home page
  • Click the menu button for a content tile and select View
  • Click a media icon from the Class List and select Details (instructors only)

The top section of the Content Details page has a playback or preview panel at the top. This allows you to play the video or page through the slides.The top right area of the page may also have icons for editing or copying or deleting the media. What icons you see depends on what you can do to/with the media.
Top section of Content Details page with playback controls and action icons as described

The icons function as follows (if you cannot perform the function on this media, the icon described does not appear):

  • Click the Pencil icon to edit the details (title, description, tags) of the item.
  • Click the Film (for videos) or Slides (for presentations) icon to edit the item itself. See Editing a Video or Editing a Presentation as needed.
  • Click the Trash Can icon to delete the content. If you do not have permissions to delete this content you will not see a trash can. 
  • Click the Copy icon to create a copy of this item (you will own the copy).

The bottom part of the page will differ depending on your role (instructor or student) and whether or not you have access to certain features or functionality. The figure below is an instructor's content details page of media he owns. Notice the Publishing information as well as the Captions and Transcripts drop-downs are active, allowing the instructor to edit these items as needed.
Bottom section of content details page with media and publishing information shown as described

Ownership Matters! If you own the media you're viewing, there are features you can access that non-owners cannot. Editing is the most obvious one, but there are other things you may be able to do. See Home Page Content, specifically Why ownership matters, for more information. If you are a student or you do not OWN the media, many of the below actions are not available to you.

The bottom section of the Content Details page provides access to the following:

  • To add a publishing location, click Publish. This opens the Publish to a new location dialog box.
  • To "un-publish" or remove the content from a listed location/individual, click the X located to the right of the section/class entry.
  • To change the availability of a published item, click the section/class entry (identified with an arrow in the above figure). This opens the Edit availability options dialog box for the publish location.
  • To share the item with another user, click the Sharing tab (located to the right of the Publishing tab). Then click the Share button. Enter the email address of the user to whom you want to share the content. See Sharing Content with other Echo360 Users for more information.
  • To "un-share" or remove content access from another user, click the Sharing tab, then click the X located to the right of the user(s) whom you no longer want to have access to the item.
  • To generate a public or embeddable link, click the Sharing tab, then click ADD PUBLIC LINKConfigure the necessary options, then click in the link box to copy the link to your clipboard to paste into an appropriate location.
  • To upload or delete the Closed Captions on a video, click the Add or Update link to the right of Captions, on the right side of the details page. 
  • To upload, download, or revert the Transcriptions on a video, click the Add or Update link to the right of Transcript on the right side of the details page.
  • To download the content, scroll below the content preview pane and look for the Processed files list on the bottom of the right column. Click a file link to download that file to your local drive. If you are the owner, you may also see the Source files for the media. You can click this link to download those files as well.

The Processed files list may include video and audio files, or a presentation file. For video media, this list may also include the currently applied transcription file and/or closed caption file for the video.

Processed files list for downloading from content details page as described
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