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Adding an Echo360 Video Option to Blackboard Mashups
Last Updated: Mar 04, 2019 03:20PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Upgrading the Building Block: If you are upgrading an existing Blackboard Building Block, you must uninstall the existing one then re-install the newly downloaded one using the instructions below. For more specific procedures, see Upgrading the Blackboard Building Block later on this page.

Echo360 provides Blackboard Building Block that can be downloaded from Echo360 and installed and configured on your Blackboard instance. This plugin allows users to embed videos from their Echo360 library directly into a Blackboard page or content window for students to view. Administrators can also embed any video in the system to which they have access (visible in the Admin Captures page of Echo360).

If you want to allow Students to embed Echo360 videos into Blackboard content windows, you must "white list" the Echo360 URL for iframes in the default policy applied to content windows. Otherwise student embeds will not work. See Configuring Blackboard to allow Students to use the Ech360 Video Mashups Option for specific instructions.You do not have to upgrade the Echo360 building block to enable this feature for students. In Echo360, in order for students to embed videos, the Student Library must be enabled, and the Student toggle for Embeddable and Public Links must also be enabled for the institution.

The Echo360 Building Block is supported on Blackboard Learn 9.1.0 or higher. Furthermore, these procedures are provided as a guide; your Blackboard interface may vary depending on the version you are using. Please refer to the Blackboard documentation for further assistance as necessary. 

Create Module Page in Blackboard with Echo Video Library option in Mashups shown as described

IMPORTANT: For instructors to see the Echo360 embed toolbar button, you MUST enable Public Links for instructors in Echo360. Otherwise instructors are not authorized to generate either public links or the embed code necessary for this button to embed videos into Blackboard.
In addition, like all public or embedded links to videos, the videos embedded into Blackboard do NOT generate student viewing analytics. Analytics are currently tied to sections, meaning students must view media within the context of a section in order to provide instructors with student view data.

The LMS Configuration information (Key, Secret, and URL) can be the same as they are for the External Tool you may already have configured in Blackboard for Echo360.

These procedures must be performed by the Blackboard/Echo360 administrator.

To install the Echo360 Building Block for enabling Echo360 embed video content option

  1. Log into Echo360 as an Administrator and navigate to  the Downloads page (Settings Downloads).
    Downloads page with Settings menu open showing navigation as described
  2. Scroll down to the section where the Echo360 building block for Blackboard Learn is located, and click Download. Save the .war file to your local drive.
    Blackboard building block download in Echo360 Downloads page as described
  3. Log into Blackboard as an Admin and navigate to the System Admin section of the interface.
  4. Select Building Blocks.
    Blackboard Admin page with Building Blocks link identified for steps as described
  5. Select Installed Tools.
    Installed Tools link in the Blackboard Building Blocks page for steps as described
  6. In the Installed Tools page, select Upload Building Blocks.
    List of installed tools in Blackboard with Upload Building Blocks option identified for steps as described
  7. Navigate to and upload the WAR file you downloaded from the from the Downloads page of Echo360.
  8. Once uploaded and installed, you should see a page that allows you to enter LMS configuration data.
    Echo360 building block installation setup with LTI configuration fields for steps as described
  9. Copy and paste the Consumer Key, Secret, and URL from the Echo360 LMS Configurations page (shown below) into the corresponding fields of the Building Block (shown above).
    LMS Configurations page with settings menu and left tab navigation identified
  10. Click Submit.
  11. Per the First time install? instructions on the LTI Configuration page, you must turn the newly installed Echo360 tool on for selection in courses.
    Return to the Admin Panel, and select Course Settings.
    Blackboard Admin panel with Course Settings option identified for steps as described
  12. In the list of Tools shown, scroll or page forward until you find the Echo360 Video Library tool you just installed.
    Course Settings list of tools with Echo360 Video Library tool identified and turned on as described
  13. Turn the new Echo360 Video Library ON for the courses in your Blackboard instance.
Once enabled for your courses, any content window for the course will contain the Echo360 Video Library option in the Mashups dropdown list, as shown at the top of this page. Instructors can embed any videos they own (appear in their library). Administrators can embed any video they have access to in the system. Remember that the Public Links for instructors in Echo360 toggle must be enabled for the institution in order for Instructors to embed links to their videos.

Upgrading the Blackboard Building Block

If a new version of the building block is released, you can remove the old one and install the new one downloaded from the Echo360 Downloads page. Doing so may retain the LTI Configuration settings you had for the one you removed, but it's a good idea to pass through all of the above installation steps just to be sure.

In addition, if necessary, refer to the above screenshots for the below procedures if necessary. Once again, these instructions are provided as a guide and your Blackboard interface may vary depending on the version you are using. Refer to the Blackboard documentation for additional assistance if necessary.

To upgrade the Echo360 Video Library building block

  1. Log into Blackboard as an administrator and open the Admin panel.
  2. Select Building Blocks.
  3. Select Installed Tools.
  4. Page through the list of tools and find the Echo360 Video Library tool.
  5. Enable the checkbox to the left of the Echo360 tool and then select Uninstall, located at the top of the list.
  6. Once removed, download the new Echo360 building block and follow the installation instructions above.
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