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Adding an Echo360 link to Sakai Course Sites
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 03:08PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

In order for students to access the Echo360 content for a course, a link to the Echo360 external tool must be added to each course site.

Who can do this? A Sakai Admin can do this for all sites, or an Instructor or non-managing Teacher can do this for their own sites. If the Administrator configured the External Tool in Stealthed Mode, an Administrator must be the one to add the tool link to the course site.

The instructions below are provided as a guide for adding an External Tool link to sites in Sakai. PLEASE use these only as a general guide and refer to your Sakai Documentation for detailed instructions. The below steps were performed using Sakai 11.

To add the Echo360 LTI tool link to a site

  1. Log in to Sakai and navigate to a site.
  2. Select Site Info from the left navigation.
  3. Select Manage Tools from the options across the top, as shown in the below figure.
    Site Info page with Manage Tools button identified for steps as described
  4. From the Checkbox list in the Course Tools page, select External Tool.
    OPTIONALLY, if you scroll to the bottom, and the Echo360 External Tool is shown there, you can simply select the tool from there to add it to your your course Site. However, you will not have the option of renaming the tool, if you want to do so, to customize it for your site.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select Continue.
  6. In the Customize tool instances page, enter the Title you want shown for the link to Echo360, then click Continue.
    customize tool instances page with options for steps as described
  7. In the confirmation page, check that the changes you have made to the tool list for your site are correct, then click Confirm.
    When the Site Info page appears, the new External Link to Echo360 appears in the Tool List for the site, as shown below.
    Site Info page with new Echo360 Tool Link listed in Site tools as described
  8. IF DESIRED, click Tool Order from the options across the top of the Site Info page, to move the new Echo360 Link to a different location in the list.
    Reordering tools is an optional step.
  9. In the Tool Order page, drag and drop the tools to the location you want them to appear for users in your site.
    Site tool order list with re-ordering and delete options as described
  10. When finished, click Finish.
    The Site Tools list on the left side of your site now appear in the order in which you placed them.
    Site info page with reordered tools and Echo360 link moved up in the list as described
The Next Step is to MAP the Echo360 Tool Link to the proper Echo360 Section. This can also typically be done by either an Administrator or an Instructor.

Linking the Sakai Site to the Echo360 Section

The below instructions are a brief overview of the linking process. If you need more detail, see Linking LMS Courses to Echo360 Sections or Linking LMS Courses to Individual Classes/Classrooms.

To Map the Echo360 link from your Sakai section to an Echo360 section:

  1. Click on the Echo360 link you just added to the course site.
  2. Use the drop-down lists on the window that appears to find the course, term, and section to link to.
    NOTE: If limited by your administrator, you may have only a Section drop-down list to select from. This list shows all Echo360 section in which you are enrolled as an Instructor.
    Page for selecting the Echo360 section to link into with options as described
  3. The Link to your Section Home radio button is selected by default. Click LINK CONTENT as shown in the below figure. 
    If you want to link directly into a particular class, follow the instructions in Linking LMS Course to Echo Classrooms.  Understand that to link to both sections and individual classrooms, you will likely need to add multiple External Tool links to your Sakai site. 
    Page with Echo360 section selected and link content option shown for steps as described


Your Sakai Site is now linked to the Echo360 section. Users can click the link from your Site and be directed to the Class List for the Echo360 Section.
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