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Front Panel of the Echo360 Pod
Last Updated: Apr 09, 2019 01:24PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

The front of the Echo360 Pod has a touchscreen display. The use of the display and the items available are provided in the sections below.
picture of the front of the POD showing the touchscreen display

Touchscreen Gesture
(single finger only)
Gesture Description
Hand with single finger indicating movement from left to right Swipe from left to right
  • From the Status screen, swipe right to navigate to the Home menu
  • From the Menu screen, swipe right to navigate to the previous menu.
Hand with single finger indicating movement from bottom to top Swipe from bottom to top to scroll down.
Use to scroll through menu options to find selections.
Hand with single finger indicating movement from top to bottom Swipe from top to bottom to scroll up.
Use to scroll through menu options to find selections.
Hand with single finger indicating tap on screen to select tapped item Tap for selection.
Tap on the menu item you want to select. This activates that selection or opens the selected menu.

The Status Screen

The Status Screen appears as the default screen. The Status Screen shown in the below figure contains numbered tags identifying the different fields on the screen. The fields and their information described in the table that follows.

status screen of POD with numbered tags identifying each field as described

# Field Description
1 Date and time The current local time of the device, in HH:MM:SS AM/PM  (i.e. 10:00:40 AM)
If an exclamation mark appears next to the Date and time, please review the NTP settings of the appliance (via the Network Menu).
2 Recording state Idle: Default state of the device when no capture task or publishing task is occurring. When the device is in this state, any action can be performed.
When the Record icon is tapped to start an ad hoc capture, the Pod uses the input and quality set for the device via the One-touch recording profile. For more information, see  "What is the One-Touch Profile" in our FAQs section.
Recording (with Timer):
  • For Ad Hoc Captures: Displays the "Time Remaining" based on the default ad hoc capture length of 2 hours.
  • For Scheduled Captures: Displays the "Time Remaining", which counts the timer down from the length of the scheduled capture.
Displays an option to Extend Recording by 5-minute increments (up to 1 hour). This will require confirmation by the user.
Paused: Displayed while the capture is paused.
Stopping (with Timer): Displays the "Time Remaining", which counts down while the device is finalizing the capture.
  • For Ad Hoc Captures: Displays for a brief period while the device is in communication with Echo360's active learning platform prior to the start of the capture.
  • For Scheduled Captures: Displays for 5 minutes prior to the start of the capture which allows the user to start the capture early. This will require confirmation by the user.
Initializing: This state will appear while a Device Configuration file is being applied to the device. This status also appears briefly after initiating an ad hoc capture but before the pre-rolling status.
3 Status bar Connectivity Icon: Shows whether or not the device is currently connected to the active learning platform. The connectivity icon is also animated while the device is uploading a capture.
  • Connected:  connected status icon
  • Disconnected: icon showing pod is not connected to a network
Recovery Icon: The status bar will show an R icon when in recovery mode: icon showing pod is in recovery mode;
See our FAQs section for further information on recovery mode.
Device message codes E1 through E11. For more information, see the Device Messages section below.
4 Capture status & actions This shows any pertinent actions that can be taken by a user depending on the current Recording State. When Idle, this will show the next upcoming capture (if applicable). When Recording, this will show actions that can be taken.
5 Channel 1 configuration What input the Channel 1 input is configured to use for the current or next scheduled capture. If the device is Idle and there are no upcoming scheduled captures, this section will display the word, "None".
6 Audio configuration What input the Audio input is configured to use for the current or next scheduled capture. If the device is Idle and there are no upcoming scheduled captures, this section will display the word, "None".
7 Channel 2 configuration What input the Channel 2 input is configured to use for the current or next scheduled capture. If the device is Idle and there are no upcoming scheduled captures, this section will display the word, "None".
8 Channel 1 connection Displays HDMI when a valid signal has been detected.
9 Channel 2 connection Displays HDMI and/or USB when a valid signal has been detected.
Displays USB when an invalid signal has been detected. See Using USB cameras with the Echo360 Pod for more details.
Not shown VU Meters The volume unit (VU) meters on either side of the display provide feedback on the signal level being received from the audio equipment.

Recording States and their Associated Actions

The touchscreen of the Pod provides the current recording state of the appliance along with icons for actions available based on the current recording state.

Recording state shown on the screen Capture actions available Additional information
Pod is idle
touchscreen showing POD device currently idle with record button as described
Record icon tap to begin recording
recording button for action as described
Capture information will show
No Captures Scheduled or
The title of the next upcoming capture if one is scheduled
Pod is currently capturing status screen where POD is recording with icons as described Pause icon - tap to pause the recording
pause icon as shown on POD as described
Stop icon - tap to stop the recording
stop button on status screen of POD as described
Extend capture - tap the words to extend the currently recording capture
Capture information will show the time remaining on the currently recording capture.
Tap Extend capture to add time to the capture currently recording.
You can extend a capture by 5-minute increments, up to one hour (as long as there is no conflict with the next scheduled capture).
extend capture options for POD as described

Device Messages

The Pod will display the following messages in specific situations. These messages appear across Section 2 of the Status Screen (as described above). If the need arises to contact Technical Support, be sure to provide the code number (E1 through E11) shown in the upper-right corner of the status screen (Section 3), to ensure it is included in the support ticket.

Message Displayed What to do
Oops! Something's wrong. Please run and save the built-in diagnostic report and send that information to Technical Support in order to open a support ticket.
Oops! Something's wrong. Hold on while I fix it. Wait at least 5 minutes, to give the device time to recover. If this message is still displayed after that time, power cycle the device. If the power cycle fails, then try device reset. If the device is still not functioning properly, please contact Technical Support.
Oops! Something's wrong. I need help. Please perform a factory reset. Perform a Factory reset (through the Administration menu).
Yes, the device could reset itself, but a device reset automatically erases all content currently on the device. Manually resetting the device provides the option to recover any data on the Pod's internal drive prior to the reset.
This disk appears to be empty. Hold on while I set it up. Even though this is an Error code, it's not necessarily an error message. It is perfectly normal to see this message while setting up the device.

"Hold on while I fix it"
If you're upgrading a device and a message appears on boot-up that includes, "Hold on while I fix it", the device could revert to a previous disk image. If there is no previous disk image, the device will reboot in recovery mode.
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