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Adding and Editing User Enrollments in Sections
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2018 02:58PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Associating a user with a section allows that user to access the online classrooms and posted materials for the section.

You can also assign a role for the user for a particular section. The role the user has for the section determines which materials the user can access, and which actions the user can perform on the materials.

OPTION: You can use the Users Import to bulk-assign users to sections. Each user/section enrollment combination must reside on a separate row of the CSV file. See Bulk Importing Users for details.

For example, a user who is typically a student in the system, and accesses classroom materials as a student, may also be given a Teaching Assistant role for some classes. In this case, the same user could be assigned as an instructor for those sections, and be able to work with the section materials the same way an instructor would. A user CANNOT have multiple roles for a single section; they must be either a student or an instructor for a particular section.

Tip for Users: Users can switch the sections they see based on user-role by clicking their Name in the top-right corner of the Echo360 window, then clicking Change. This allows them to select a different role for the institution, showing them their assigned sections for that role.

When a user should no longer have access to a section, you can revoke their section enrollment.

To associate sections with a user

  1. Find the user you want in the USERS page.
  2. Click the chevron (menu-arrow) located on the right-side of the user's entry in the list, and select Enrollments.
    Users page with chevron menu identified and open
    The enrollments panel appears, listing the sections, if any, to which the user is currently associated, and their role.
  3. Use the filter lists across the top of the enrollments panel (shown below) to identify the section to associate with the user.
  4. Use the Role drop-down list to identify the role this user has for that section. You can change this after assigning the section, if needed.
  5. Click ENROLL to assign the user to that section.
  6. Repeat the steps above to add the user to another section.
  7. If necessary, to change the user's role for an assigned section, click the chevron for a section, then select Make student or Make instructor as appropriate.
  8. Click DONE when finished.
    user enrollments dialog box with options as described

Revoking sections or changing section role

The Enrollments panel allows you to change the role a user has for an assigned section (Student or Instructor), as well as revoke section access.

IMPORTANT: You cannot revoke section enrollment for a user if they are the only instructor for the section. You must assign a different instructor to those sections first. Similarly you cannot change the section role to Student for the sole instructor on a section.

To revoke sections or change user role for a section

  1. Find the user you want in the USERS page.
  2. Click the chevron (menu-arrow) located on the right-side of the user's entry in the list, and select Enrollments.
    The enrollments panel, shown above, lists all sections associated with the user.
  3. Click the chevron for a section, giving you the following options:
    • Click Revoke to remove that user from the section.
    • Click Make student or Make instructor (based on the current user-role for the section) to assign a different role for that section.
  4. Repeat the above steps to make changes to other assigned sections for the user.
  5. When finished, click DONE.
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