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LMS to Echo360 User Role Mappings
Last Updated: Sep 06, 2019 09:21AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Echo360 contains five user roles: Admin, Scheduler, Instructor, Teaching Assistant, and Student. Most LMS contain many more than that, especially with respect to teaching and learning roles. So when a user passes from the LMS into Echo360, we have to figure out what kind of user it is, and assign a role and feature access accordingly. To do so, we rely very heavily on the IMS standard for user roles. This allows LMS administrators to generate custom roles as they need to for their LMS but also map that custom role to an standard role that WE (and other external systems) properly recognize.

User roles are mapped as listed below. We have been purposely conservative in our role mappings in order to avoid accidental user over-permissioning. While LMS Administrators who are also Echo360 Administrators are recognized as such when they pass into our system, they are enrolled into sections as Instructors (admins have no role in sections). Administrators should normally access Echo360 directly for administering the system, not through the LMS. Furthermore, we are confident they will know to change their active role, should they need to perform administration tasks. Echo360 Administrators can also view sections as an instructor if they need to.

The following LMS roles are recognized in Echo360 as administrators (they must also have a corresponding Admin-level user in Echo360; otherwise they are created with the Instructor role):

  • "administrator"
  • "faculty"
  • "urn:lti:instrole:ims/lis/administrator"
  • "urn:lti:sysrole:ims/lis/administrator"

The following LMS roles are recognized in Echo360 as Instructors:

  • "contentdeveloper"
  • "instructor"
  • "mentor"
  • "teacher"
  • "urn:lti:role:ims/lis/contentdeveloper"
  • "urn:lti:role:ims/lis/instructor"

The following LMS roles are recognized in Echo360 as Teaching Assistants:

  • "urn:lti:role:ims/lis/teachingassistant"
  • "urn:lti:role:ims/lis/teachingassistant/grader"

ALL OTHER ROLES ARE MAPPED AS STUDENTS. If you are creating custom roles in your LMS, or you are not sure what IMS standard the roles in your LMS are equivalent to, use the above as a guide and adjust your LMS roles accordingly as necessary.

If you need more information on what role information your LMS is passing to Echo360, refer to your LMS documentation, your LMS Administrator, or your LMS support representative.
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