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Adding a Class to a Course/Section
Last Updated: Jan 28, 2019 12:11PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Classes exist as containers to hold content. If your administrator configured a schedule for capturing the course, those scheduled capture dates are listed as classes on the course's class list page.

Each class can contain one video and one presentation. For scheduled classes/captures, the video placeholder is (or will be) occupied by the recorded capture for the class. However, you may have additional materials you want to provide for the course or a particular class. In this case, you may need to create a new class to hold that content.

You can create a class with a corresponding date to an existing class, or create a class with a different date/time, or one with no specific date and time. You can create one additional class that duplicates the date/time of an existing class, however, creating more than one duplicate may result in the original class disappearing from the list. If this happens, simply edit the start date/time of the second class, offsetting by one minute.

You may also consider creating a group to hold multiple classes containing content associated with a single lecture or topic. Once the group exists, you can create one or more new classes then reorder your class list, dragging the new classes into the group.

New classes with a date are inserted into the Class List next to the class with the closest date already in the list. New classes without dates will appear either at the top or the bottom of the list, depending on the sort order (if any) you have for the list.

To create a new class

  1. On the Echo360 home, find the course to which you want to add a class.
  2. Click the course title.
    The class list appears.
    Class List showing new class button as described
  3. Click NEW CLASS, located in the top right corner of the classes tab.
    The Create a new class dialog box appears.
    Create a new class dialog box as described
  4. Enter class details.

    NOTE: If you have a Start date, you must enter time and duration. If you have no date, the class must have a name. If you create a class with no date, be sure to provide a name and description that informs users what the purpose of the class/content is.

  5. Click CREATE.
    The new class appears in the class list for the course.
  6. Add content to the class in one of the supported content formats.
  7. If appropriate, reorder the class list to place the new class into a group.
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