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Classes and Collections - Overview
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 03:23PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Classes are the logical sub-divisions of course-sections. Classes act as containers for the media presented to students, such as recordings of lectures and uploaded presentations, as well as discussions or Q&A sessions about the class.

Collections are containers for Classes, designed to allow instructors or teaching assistants to organize lectures with similar subject matter, or to group several pieces of media (contained in classes) together that pertain to a single topic. Collections do not contain media themselves; the classes within a collection contain the media for students to view.

Classes are created in the following ways:

Collections are ONLY manually created objects, by the instructor or teaching assistant, who can then move existing classes into the collection.

Refer to the following articles for help creating, managing, and deleting classes or collections in your section.

See Understanding the Class List for information on navigating through the Class List page for a course.

See also the help articles located in Managing Media in Classes for information on controlling the content published to classes and student access to it.

Note about duplicate class dates/times: Echo360 allows you to create one class that duplicates an existing class date/time - typically one manually created class that duplicates a capture schedule-created class. If you try to create a second duplicate, one of the original class may disappear from the class list. If this happens, edit the class details to offset the start time by at least one minute. The original class (including any content) will reappear.
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