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Editing Availability Settings for Published Content
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 03:34PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Once your content, including both presentations and video, is associated with a class (published), you can make it available or unavailable at a schedule you choose. This is referred to as "date-based" availability because you set the dates on which the item becomes available or unavailable for student viewing.

Optionally, you can select Make available/Make unavailable and change the availability status of the media immediately.

How to set date-based availability for published media

  1. Click the Echo Logo in the top left corner to return to the Echo Home page (if necessary).
  2. Click Courses from the left panel (if necessary; the Courses tab should appear by default).
    Courses in the currently active term appear first, in alphabetical order.
    Echo home page with courses tab active and courses listed for selection as described
  3. Click on the course tile. This opens the class list, as shown below. 
    Instructor class list page with media icons showing availability as described

    Notice that the media icons are different colors. A gray icon indicates that media is NOT currently available to students; a green icon indicates the media can be viewed by students. The media icons also contain a tooltip indicating current availability.
  4. Click a media icon to open the menu, then select Availability settings.
    Video icon menu for instructor with availability settings option as described
  5. The Edit availability options dialog box appears.
    edit availability options dialog box for steps as described
  6. Configure the following Make available options:
    • Now - makes the selected content available immediately. This is the default.
    • On a specific date - enter the date you want to content to become available.
    • Don't make available - removes the content from student view.
  7. If appropriate, configure the following Make unavailable options:
    • Never - the content will remain available until it is removed or you manually make it unavailable. This is the default.
    • On a specific date - enter the date you want to content to become unavailable.
  8. When finished, click UPDATE.

Date-based availability is based strictly on date; meaning the item becomes available or unavailable at midnight of the date configured.
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