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Creating and Managing Section Links
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 01:10PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

As the instructor, you can generate and distribute links to your sections that can then be accessed by users.

If you do not see an Access Links option in your section Settings page, your Administrator may have disabled Access links to sections. Contact your system administrator if necessary. If your Access Links have only "Public" and "Private" options for them, refer to Creating and Managing SSO-Enabled Section Access Links.

Typically these links are posted to allow student access to sections for both existing Echo360 (registered users), for non-registered users who can create an account to access the section, or in some cases, public, unauthenticated access to the section and its materials (anonymous users).

The TYPE of link you create depends on how or who you want accessing your section. You can create multiple links with different access capabilities for posting to different audiences.

Section Access Link with options as described

To create a section access link

  1. Log into Echo360 as an instructor.
  2. Navigate to the section you want to create a link for from the Echo360 Home page.
  3. Click Settings for the section.
  4. Click Access Links on the left.
  5. Click the ADD LINK button.
    Section access links tab with selections for steps identified as described
  6. The link is created and appears as shown in the figure at the top of this page. The default settings for all new links are as follows:
    • The link is Active at creation. Toggle the switch to disable section access via the link but retain the link for later re-activation.
    • Role: By default, the link provides section access at the Student level; all users who access this link will see the student view of the section and classes.
      If you select Instructor as the role, note that Public permission access is not available. Only users who are already Echo360 users, or who select to register for an Echo360 account can be provided with Instructor-role access via a section Access link.
    • Permissions: The link is set for Open Registration by default. This is described below along with the other options which include:
      • Registered users only: This provides section access only to existing Echo360 users in the institution. Users will be asked to log in.
      • Open Registration: This means that existing Echo360 users can log into the system, OR users can create an Echo360 account with a username (email address) and password.
        NOTE: This option does not appear if your institution uses SSO (institution single-sign-on login) authentication.
        Either of the above access methods enrolls the user into the section. Click the Students tab in the Settings page to see the list of enrolled students.
      • Public: This provides anonymous access to the section for anyone who has the link. Users can view all of the classes and section materials but cannot take notes, participate in Q&A or respond to Activity slides (because there is no way to distinguish or identify individual users).
        This permission option is NOT available for Instructor-role access links.
    • Provide a Description for the link if necessary. You may find this helpful to know why the link was created or where it is posted for access, etc.
    • When the configuration is complete, click in the Link box to copy the link to your clipboard. You can now paste it wherever necessary to provide section access.
      Access links tab with pointer on link text box for selection as described

When you no longer need the link, you can Delete it. This removes any relationship between the original link and the section. Any instances of the posted link will no longer work (and will never work again).

If you want to keep the link for later use but suspend access to the section via the link, turn the Active toggle OFF instead. This retains the relationship between the link and the section but does not allow users to access the section via the link while it is inactive.

If a user has already accessed the link using (or creating) a registered Echo360 account, they can log into Echo360 and access the section via the Echo360 Home page.
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