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Device Monitor Ad hoc Capture and Settings
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2018 09:05AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

The ad hoc capture configuration allows you to set default information to be used for any ad hoc capture initiated through the device monitor.

If an instructor provides their personal credentials in the Device Configuration dialog box (above), the ad hoc capture defaults (configured below) will be used for all captures initiated via the Device Monitor Light after the instructor logs into the PC. If for some reason the user cannot be authenticated or is not associated with a particular course or section, the capture can proceed, but will use generic capture settings and will need to be assigned to a Section later through the CAPTURES page in Echo360.

Perform Device Configuration First: You must complete the Device Configuration (shown above) before you can configure the Ad hoc capture settings defaults. The Product Group selections for ad hoc capture defaults require the system to know what type of device is being used for capture.

To set ad hoc capture defaults:

  1. Open the System Tray menu and select Adhoc Capture and Settings. Depending on the credentials entered, one of the following dialog boxes appears:
    Ad hoc capture dialog box for generic instructor login
    AdHoc capture settings dialog box for generic login as described.
    Ad hoc capture dialog box for user-specific instructor login
    AdHoc capture settings dialog box for generic login as described
    The two ad hoc capture dialog boxes are identical except for the ability to select a section to which to publish the capture.
  2. Enter information to apply to all ad hoc captures initiated through the Device Monitor. These will be used unless manually overridden by the user:
    • Default Capture Description: Provide a generic description for the capture that identifies it clearly. You may want to use Room or Device information, so that you can contact possible instructors and direct the ad hoc capture to the proper section.
    • Default Capture Title: If instructor credentials are entered, a Section can be identified and a more specific Title can be entered, identifying the basic subject matter for the capture. The Instructor can edit this later if necessary.
    • Duration: Indicate how long you generally want ad hoc captures to be. Instructors can to stop the capture early, or extend the capture if necessary. Keep in mind if there is a scheduled capture for the room, the ad hoc capture cannot extend into the scheduled capture time.
    • What do you want to capture?: This identifies a Product Group for the ad hoc capture, indicating what inputs you want to include, like Video/Display or Audio/Video. The Product Group selected here will be retained for all captures unless changed by the user.
  3. When finished, you can:
    • Click Save to retain the settings
    • Click Capture to retain these settings and immediately initiate a capture.
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