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Adding or Removing Content for a Group from Content Tile Menu
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2019 01:52PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

The media available in your Content home (library) page is generally available for adding to Groups as you please. Sharing an item to a Group simply makes the media available to view in the group, by the group members. The media still resides in your library. 

Sharing content to a group can be done from:

If you are an Administrator or Delegated Administrator and a member of a group with add content rights, you do not have a library page, but you can add any media you own into the group. You must do so from within the group itself. 

Sharing Content to a Group from the Content Tile Menu

The menu button on a content tile provides a variety of commands, including the Share command. Use this option to share this piece of media to other users, course classes (if available), and groups.

To share content to a Group from the media tile menu

  1. If necessary, access your Home page by clicking the Echo360 icon in the top left corner.
  2. Click either All Content or My Content from the tabs on the left.
  3. Use the Filters and/or Search box to find the item you want to share.
  4. Hover over the media tile and click the Menu button, as identified in the below figure.
  5. Select Share from the media options menu.
    Content tile with menu button identified and Share option shown for steps as described

    The Share settings modal appears with the Individuals tab active by default.
  6. Click the Groups tab to activate it.
    Share settings modal with Group tab identified for steps as described
  7. Use the Share with drop-down list at the bottom of the modal to select a group to share the media with.
  8. Type directly into the textbox to filter the list based on the text provided. Continue typing or backspace as needed to find the group you want. 
    Important: The groups listed for sharing will only include those you for which you have Add media rights to. 
    Share settings modal with text entered and matching groups shown for steps as described
  9. Select the matching group you want to add this media to. Once selected, the group appears in the Groups list, as shown in the below figure. The media also appears in the Content tab of the group.
    Share settings modal with selected group appearing in groups list as described

Repeat the above steps to share the item into other groups. All groups the media currently resides in will appear in this modal until no longer shared with them.

Click the X next to a group to remove this media from that group.

Adding content privileges and Removing content privileges are granted separately for groups; you may be able to add media to a group but not remove it.

Group share settings with group listed and remove from group X button identified as described
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