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Editing Group Details - Name and Description
Last Updated: Sep 06, 2019 11:59AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Editing group details involves simply changing the group name and/or description. Only Group owners (or Echo360 admins) can edit group details.

To edit group details

  1. If necessary, click the Echo360 icon in the top left corner of the Echo360 page, to access your home page.
  2. Click Groups on the left.
  3. Click on the Group tile to enter the main group page.
    Remember, only group owners can edit the details of a group.
    Echo360 Groups page with numbered arrows pointing to click locations for steps as described

  4. Click Edit Details from the top of the group page, as identified in the below figure.
    Group main page with Edit Details button identified as described

    The page changes so that the title and description fields are now editable, and the buttons at the top of the page change to correspond with the current status, as shown in the below figure. 
  5. If necessary, make changes to the Group Title (up to 200 characters). 
  6. If necessary, make changes to the Description (up to 2500 characters) of the group.
    Edit group details with editable title and description fields shown and Save button identified for steps as described
  7. When finished, click Save.

Your updates are applied immediately. 

Clicking Cancel reverts any edits, returning the group title and description to their state when you clicked Edit Details. Clicking Delete will delete the group, with a verification message that you do, in fact, wish to delete the group.
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