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Admins - Managing Groups
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2019 01:25PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Administrators have a GROUPS tab, where they can see all the groups created for the Institution, and click the tile to enter each group to review the content and members therein.

Administrator Groups tab with group tiles shown for accessing groups as described

Institution-level Admins have ownership control over all groups, and just like group owners can:

The instructions for the above tasks are the same for administrators as they are for any group owner. Use the linked articles for instructions as needed. If an institution-level admin is added to a group as a member, they are automatically given Owner rights, as they would have them anyway.

If you have Delegated Administration turned on, Admins who are not institution-level admins can only see the groups they are members of and are NOT automatically granted Owner privileges; Delegated administrators are treated as any other group member would be. Delegated admins also cannot alter other Owner's privileges or remove them the way institution-level admins can (described below).

Beyond the above-listed owner-type rights, Admins are also the ONLY users who can administer Group Owners. Once group ownership rights are conferred to a user, they cannot be revoked by another group owner; they can only be revoked by an Administrator (or by the user voluntarily leaving the group). Owners can also not remove another owner from the group. Only administrators can remove owners.

The below figure shows an Administrator's view of a list of group members. This is identical to the view that any Group owner sees, except for the admin-provided options for managing group owners.

Admin view of Group members with administrative rights over owners identified as described

Notice how as an administrator, you can check or uncheck the Owner privilege box. When you uncheck an Owner privilege box, the user is automatically granted Add & Upload and Remove group content rights. You can leave these as is, or remove one or both of them (granting View Only rights to the user).

Administrators also have the Remove User option for owners, identified in the above figure. Clicking the X for a group member removes that user from the group. Only Administrators have this option for group Owners. Though an owner (or any member) can leave the Group voluntarily.
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