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Adding Users to a Group
Last Updated: Oct 04, 2019 03:37PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Adding users to a group lets those members view any content added to the group. Members can also be given Add or Remove media privileges if appropriate. Members can also be added as Owners if you want to give group administrative privileges to other users. See Managing Group Member Privileges for more information on granting group rights.

You can manually add members to the group using the below instructions, or you post a Public Link to allow users to add themselves to your group (with View Only rights).

WHO CAN DO THIS? Only group Owners can control group membership (adding, removing, changing member rights). 

Adding Members to a Group

To add members to a group

  1. If necessary, click the Echo360 icon in the top left corner of the Echo360 page, to access your home page.
  2. Click Groups on the left.
  3. Click on the Group tile to open the group you want to add members to.
    Echo360 Groups page with numbered arrows pointing to click locations for steps as described

    The group page opens, with the Content tab active by default. 
  4. Click the Sharing & Members tab to activate it, as shown in the below figure. 
    Group with sharing and members tab identified for steps as described
  5. Scroll down to see all of the available Share Settings, and the Share with text box for adding users. You will also see any existing members of the group.
  6. If you are adding users who must have HIGHER than View Only privileges in the group, uncheck the View Only box.
    This makes the Add & Upload and Remove checkboxes available. These privileges refer only to adding/removing content; only owners can add/remove members.
    Group Share Settings with View Only disabled and Content privileges available to select as described

  7. Add a checkmark to the content Share Settings you want the users you are adding to posses.
  8. Begin typing into the Share with text box to find a user with a matching name or email address, as shown below.
    Individual text box with matching entries shown and one identified for selection as described
  9. Select the user from the list that you want to add to the group. As soon as they are selected, they appear in the Members list. 
    NOTICE that the newly added user has the group content sharing privileges that were enabled at the time they were added.
    Newly added user with the content sharing privileges for the group corresponding with those selected when the user was added

    IMPORTANT: Adding a user as an Owner to the group gives that user full administrative rights and privileges to the group. This includes adding/removing content as well as adding/removing members AND changing all members' group privileges. Owners cannot edit other owners' privileges and cannot remove them from the group. If you need to edit another owner, contact your Echo360 Administrator. Echo360 Admins also have full administrative rights to all groups in the system.

  10. Repeat these steps for any other users you want to add to the group.

Note that you can change a user's content sharing privileges after adding them to the group. Simply check or uncheck their individual group content sharing rights from the members list. This allows you to add a set of users all with the same content privileges, but then alter a few after the additions are complete.
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