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Creating a Group
Last Updated: Sep 06, 2019 12:35PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Creating groups consists of three basic steps:

  1. Generate the group itself and give it a Title and a Description
  2. Invite other users
  3. Add content

A user who creates a group is automatically the group's owner. As the owner, you have full rights and privileges for the group, including giving or revoking other users' group rights, adding or removing media from the group, and deleting the group if it is no longer needed. You can also add other users as owners, if you want to provide these privileges to others. You cannot, however, revoke other owners' rights.

To create a group

  1. If necessary, click the Echo360 icon in the top left corner of the Echo360 page, to access your home page.
  2. Click Groups on the left.
  3. Click Create a New Group.
    Echo360 Groups page with numbered arrows pointing to click locations for steps as described

    As soon as the Create New Group button is clicked, the group is created and opens for you to edit the details, as shown below.
    NOTE that this screen is actually an "edit" page for the newly created group. If you exit this screen or click Cancel without entering any information, the group is still created but with the title Unnamed Group. Click Delete to cancel group creation, or you can delete the unnamed group from your Groups home page. 
    New Group page with fields for steps as described

  4. Enter a Group Title (up to 200 characters) and a Description (up to 2500 characters) identifying the purpose or focus of the group.
  5. If you are not ready to add members or content to the group yet, click Save at the top of the screen. You can add members or content later. 
  6. If you ARE ready to add members to your group, scroll down to the Sharing & Members part of the page, as shown below. 
    Sharing and Members area of the Groups page with default share settings identified for steps as described
  7. Determine what the "default" privileges should be for the people you are manually adding to the group, and use the checkboxes to set this default for new members. Group member rights can be changed later if necessary.
  8. All new groups have View Only enabled. Uncheck the View Only checkbox to enable the other options. They are defined as follows:
    • View Only - User can view the content added to the group, as well as see who the other group members are.
    • Add & Upload - In addition to viewing content and group members, user can add media to the group, both from their Echo360 content library, or upload from a computer or other device.
    • Remove - User can remove content from the group
    • Owner - As described on the page, Group Owners have full rights and privileges over the group, including adding/removing content and members, and editing, sharing, or deleting the group. 
  9. In the Share with field, begin typing the name or email address of a person you want to add to the group
    Sharing and Members section of a Group with name entered and matches shown for adding to the group
  10. Select the user from the search results that appear below the Share with box as you type.
    The user is added to the group as soon as you select them, with the enabled Share Settings privileges.
  11. Repeat this step for each user you want to add to the group. Each user appears in the Individuals list as they are added, as shown below.
    New group with added members as described
  12. To change the privileges given to each member, uncheck and check the appropriate boxes next to their name. 
  13. Click the X button on the far right side to remove any user you may have added inadvertently.
  14. Scroll up to the top of the page, and click Save.
    New Group with Save button identified as described.

Notice how the buttons at the TOP of the page change after saving, providing appropriate options now that the group has been created and saved. Your next step is likely to add content/media to the group.

Alternately, you can return to the main Groups page by clicking Back To All Groups. Since you are an owner, you can return to your group later to edit the membership or add/edit the content in the group.

New group after saving with different action buttons available as described
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