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Groups - Overview
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2019 01:45PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Groups are designed to bring specific groups of people and specific sets of media together.

Groups can be more formalized, such as a group created by an instructor who wants to provide video media that is related to but outside of the scope of a class.

Groups can be very informal, such as a group of upper-class students forming a "Freshman Help" group, with presentations or videos designed to get new students information and help on a variety of campus resources or topics.

Echo360 Administrators control who can create groups, with the ability to endow Students, Teaching Assistants, or Instructors with group-creation powers separately. Group Creators/Owners can add any user to their groups, as long as they are a registered Echo360 user.

To access your groups:

  1. If necessary, click the Echo360 icon in the top left corner of the Echo360 page, to access your home page.
  2. Click Groups on the left.
  3. Click on the Group tile to enter the main group page.
    Echo360 Groups page with numbered arrows pointing to click locations for steps as described
What you can do inside of a group depends very much on the level of access you have been given. All three levels are outlined briefly below. Use the links to access help articles with more information.

Viewing Group Media

The most common group access privilege is View Only, meaning you have the ability to view all the media that has been shared into the group. By default, the group opens on the Content tab, as shown below, where you can click on a tile to open the group media player.
Main Group page showing content tab listing with content tiles as described

The Group media player looks very much like the media details player you would see if you clicked a media tile in your Content library. Shown below are the group player for both a video and a presentation.
Group media player with a video showing as described

The video player for groups has the same navigation as you'd expect in any player, with play/pause, fast-forward/rewind, timestamp, and playback controls such as volume and speed/quality settings.

The presentation player has slide navigation controls that appear when you hover your mouse over the presentation, as shown in the below figure.
Group media player showing a presentation with slide navigation control buttons visible as described


Adding and Removing Group Media

If you have been given content management privileges in the group, you may see an Add Content or Add Media button in the Group page. This allows you to add media into the group for viewing by all other group members.

Group content page with Add Media button identified as described

You may have been given "Remove" privileges in the group, which allows you to remove media from the group. This is typically conferred along with the Add & Upload privilege, allowing those group members the ability to both add and remove media from the group as needed. The Add and Remove privileges are given separately however, so you MAY be able to Add media to the group but NOT remove it.
Main group content page with media tile menu button open and remove option identified

Group Ownership

If you created the group, you are automatically a Group owner. Group owners have full administrative rights and privileges over the group, including the ability to: Owners can add other owners to the group, however owners cannot remove owners or change the rights of other owners. Only an Echo360 administrator can change owner privileges to something less, or remove owners from a group.
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