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Submitting an Echo360 Video for your Canvas Assignment
Last Updated: Jun 25, 2019 10:46AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Prerequisites for using the Echo360 Student Homework Submission feature:
1) A Canvas Administrator must have configured an Echo360 app for video homework submissions for your Canvas instance.
‚Äč2) The public links option must be turned on for Students, so that you have the authority to generate a public link for video embedding.   
3) The Student Library must be enabled and you must have content YOU OWN in your Content Library. Only content owners can embed videos in an LMS. 

If your Instructor has posted an Assignment in Canvas and requested you submit an Echo360 video as a response, use the below instructions to select and submit a video from your content library. See Uploading Content into Echo360 to use the browser-based application for loading content to your content library. You may also be able to create copies of class media to add to your library, or create copies of shared media.

Helpful Tip: You MAY find the easiest way to create that content is through the Echo360 Mobile Apps. Specifically, the Mobile Apps allow you to Upload a video from your phone or tablet into your content library. If you are not already a Mobile Apps user, you may need to create an Echo360 password to use with them first (Settings icon > Account Settings > Create Password).

Once you have submitted a video for a Canvas assignment, it is locked and cannot be edited or deleted. You can create a copy of the video if needed. An Echo360 Admin can delete the video if necessary.

To submit an Echo360 video for a Canvas Assignment 

  1. Log in to Canvas as a student.
  2. Click Assignments on the left.
  3. Click on the assignment link you want to submit to.
    Student view of Canvas assignments list showing Echo360 video assignment for selection
  4. On the Assignment page, click Submit Assignment as shown in the below figure.
    Student view of Echo360 video assignment with Submit Assignment button identified as described
  5. The Assignment submission form provides two tabs: Website URL and Echo360 Homework Embed. Select the Echo360 Homework Embed tab.
    Canvas assignment submission with Echo360 Homework Embed tab selected with videos listed as described
  6. The videos resident in your content library are listed in the tab. Scroll through the list or use the Search box to find the video you want to submit.
  7. Click on the video when you find it. An Insert button becomes visible, as shown in the below figure.
    Echo360 Homework Embed tab with library item selected and Insert button identified as described
  8. Click Insert to submit this video for the assignment.
    The Echo360 Homework Embed tab changes to show a URL for the selected video with embed code as shown below. 
    Echo360 homework embed tab with selected video URL and options as described
  9. Enter any comments or other information about the video you want to provide to your instructor.
  10. If you wish to CHANGE the video submitted, click the Change button located to the right of the URL.
  11. When finished, click Submit Assignment.

IMPORTANT: Once a video is submitted for an assignment is locked in Echo360; you cannot edit or delete the video. You can make a copy of it if you need an editable version.

After submission you can review your submission from the Assignment page. Click Submission Details to see the video you submitted, along with any comments you may have provided. Student view of submitted assignment with submission details link as described
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