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Transitioning from Classroom Capture to Universal Capture: Classroom
Last Updated: Aug 20, 2019 01:58PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

End of Support for Classroom Capture (CCAP)

August 30th, 2019: The download links for CCAP will be removed from the platform. This is also the end of support date for these applications in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). While the applications will likely continue to work for the rest of the year, there will be no support available. Clients in the EMEA region should plan a full transition to Universal Capture before this time. Clients in other regions can continue to use existing CCAP installations but will no longer have the ability to download it.

January 15th, 2020: This date marks both the end of life and the end of support for these applications globally. As of this date, CCAP will cease to work with the Echo360 platform due to enhancements in the capture pipeline that will only work with Universal Capture. It is of utmost importance that all Echo360 clients complete their transition to Universal Capture by this time.

To transition from Classroom Capture (CCAP) to Universal Capture (UC), you will need to uninstall CCAP and replace it with UC: Classroom. You can choose to do this manually on a Room-by-Room basis or using our command line instructions outlined below. See our Universal Capture documentation for additional information and specs.

After the application replacement is complete, the rest of the transition has been made as seamless as possible. Universal Capture will use the same MAC address as the previous Classroom Capture installation so any existing CCAP Rooms will seamlessly become UC Rooms with no action needed. Not only will the Room/Device type update, but any previously configured inputs that are still connected to the computer will also carry over through the initial transition.
Universal Capture needs to be able to detect an input source to update its configuration so any inputs that were configured for use with CCAP but are not present at the time of transition will not carry over.

Note that your Institution ID is a requirement for installing Universal Capture: Classroom. This is necessary so that your Universal Capture application can be registered with your Institution.

To find your institution ID:

  1. While logged in as an admin, click the Settings icon, then select Configuration.
  2. On the Configuration page, select API Configurations from the left.
    The Institution ID resides on this page, as shown in the below figure, and can be selected and copied for use in the installer.
    API Configurations page with arrows showing navigation to the page and the institution ID field as described

To uninstall Classroom Capture and install Universal Capture via command line in Classroom mode

UC allows for command line installation on a target PC running Windows 10 (64-bit) or higher

  1. Identify the computer(s) where you want to replace Classroom Capture with Universal Capture: Classroom.
  2. Download the Universal Capture: Classroom Installer to the Downloads directory.
  3. Launch a Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  4. Run the following command to uninstall Classroom Capture:
    • <installation directory>\Uninstall_Echo360ClassroomCapture.exe --mode unattended.
  5. Run either of the following commands to install Universal Capture: Classroom:
    • To install to the default directories:
      msiexec /qn /i "<download directory>\UniversalCaptureClassroom<region>_<version>.msi" INSTITUTION_ID=<institutionid>
    • To install to custom directories:
      msiexec /qn /i "<download directory>\UniversalCaptureClassroom<region>_<version>.msi" INSTITUTION_ID=<institutionid> DATADIR=“<path>” PROGRAMDIR=“<path>”‚Äč
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