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Configuring Moodle to Allow Students to Embed Echo360 Videos
Last Updated: May 13, 2019 12:15PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Echo360 provides an Atto plugin that can be downloaded from Echo360 and installed and configured on your Moodle instance. If you have upgraded to at least version 1.010 of the plugin and filter, the Echo360 Embed button will be visible for both Instructors and Students to embed videos from their Echo360 library directly into a Moodle content window. Students will also be able to embed Echo360 videos as assignment submissions, as responses to Assignments posted by an instructor.  However, none of the embeds by students will work unless you Enable trusted content under Moodle Site Policy settings, and set the Student role to allow trusted content. This page provides instructions for enabling these settings.

Content area of Page added to Moodle course with Echo embed video button identified

On the Echo360 side, the Public Links toggle must be turned on for students, and the Student Library must ALSO be enabled for students to be able to embed videos in the LMS content window.

The changes on the Moodle side effectively give Students the authority to pass URLs through to content windows. This change is required or the embedded videos will be stripped when the student submits the page or post. The change is to enable Trusted Sites in Moodle, and then to Allow the Student role (or whatever your student role is in Moodle, if you use custom roles) to use Trusted Sites.

These procedures must be performed by the Moodle administrator. The steps below are provided as a guide; please refer to the Moodle documentation for further details if necessary.

To configure Moodle to allow students to embed Echo360 videos into content windows

  1. Log into Moodle as an administrator
  2. Select Site Administration.
  3. Scroll down to Security and select Site policies.
    Moodle Administration Security section with Site Policies option identified
  4. On the Site Policies page, scroll down to find the Enable Trusted Content entry (or Ctrl+F and search "trust").
    Enable trusted content entry for Site policies in Moodle administration
  5. Click a check into the box (it is off by default). This tells Moodle to NOT strip content entries of things like HTML and URL entries.
  6. Return to the Site Administration home and click Users.
  7. In the Permissions section of the Users page, select Define Roles.
    Users administration section with Permissions and Define Roles entry identified
  8. In the roles listed, find the Student entry (or the custom role you use for students if this applies).
    NOTE: If you use multiple roles for Student users and want to make the embed capability work for all of them, repeat the next steps for each of those roles.
  9. Click the Edit option for the Student role. It looks like a gear.
    Role list with Edit icon identified for Student role as described
  10. In the Student Role editing page, scroll to find the Trust submitted content entry (or Ctrl+F to search for "trust").
    Trust submitted content entry for Student role with Allow checkbox enabled as described
  11. Enable the Allow checkbox.

There! You're finished. If you upgraded the Moodle Plugin to at least version 1.0.10, Students should now be able to see the Embed button in content windows, and should be able to embed videos from their Echo360 library, and submit Echo360 videos for assignment responses. Again, be sure the Student Library toggle is on in Echo360 as well as the Public Links toggle for Students.
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