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Adding Media to a Class
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 03:31PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Classes are basically buckets to hold media for students to view and interact with. Each class can hold one video and one presentation.

If there is a slot available to add media, you will see a blue plus icon for the class in the class list. Click the plus icon to add media to the class​.

Class list with published media and media slots available identified with blue plus icons as described

Class recordings typically occupy the video slot, and are usually published to their classes as soon as they are finished and processed. If the video icon is light-gray, this is a "placeholder" for a future video that will occupy that slot when the class recording is done. You cannot add a video to classes with placeholders because you cannot remove a future video that is not there yet. In some cases you can Remove (unshare/unpublish) an existing video from the class if you want to replace it. 

For classes that contain or will contain class captures, the presentation slot is free to receive a presentation file to go with the class video. It may be supplemental material to the class lecture or it may be a presentation you show during the class. If you need to add a video or a presentation for a class that already has one, create a New Class to hold the media. Optionally, you can create a Collection to group these classes with related content together.

If the class has a video (or video placeholder) and no presentation, click the plus icon in the presentation slot to add a presentation to the class. You can select from your content library, or upload from your local computer or shared drive (such as GoogleDrive). You can also create a new presentation to add, consisting of Activity slides or Media slides only. 

Class list with blue plus sign in presentation slot showing add presentation as described

 Manually created classes have no media until you add some. If the class has no media in it, click the blue plus icon and select whether you are adding a video or a presentation. 

blue plus icon for class with no media allowing selection of add video or add presentation as described

If the class has a presentation and no video (and no placeholder for a scheduled video recording), click the plus icon in the video slot to add a video to the class. You can select from your content library, or upload a video file from your local computer or shared drive (such as GoogleDrive). 

Blue plus icon for adding a video to the video slot of a class as described
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