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Release Notes: 2019-01-08
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019 05:31PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the January 8-9, 2019 release of Echo360. For changes made in previous deployments, see the other Release Notes articles located in this Topic group, or contact

New Features

Administrators can now view sections as an Instructor! Echo360 now provides Administrators with the ability to enter a section and view it as if they are enrolled as an Instructor. Admins also have some control over the elements within the section, allowing them to assist an instructor in section management where necessary.
See Viewing a Section as an Instructor for instructions. Admins who are not familiar with the Instructor-Section interface should also be sure to review the Instructor-directed help articles, particularly Course/Section Management as well as Managing Media in Classes.


  • Universal Capture: Personal mode now has an easier login workflow. After a user logs into the application for the first time, Personal mode now remembers your Institution and will bypass that part of the login workflow in the future, no longer making you select your Institution every time you log in. 
  • The Simplified Sign In option recently released for Classroom mode of Universal Capture now also applies to Personal mode.
  • When clicking on the link to view your completed capture from within Universal Capture, you are now taken directly to the Capture Details page (rather than the Instructor Library or Admin Captures tab). We've also made some general UI improvements surrounding the completion and upload of your recording in Universal Capture.


  • User-generated copies of Presentations now have the date/time the copy was created instead of the original presentation’s date/time.
  • Universal Capture now properly handles vertical displays.
  • Resolved an issue where PODs that had been configured for WiFi in Echo360 but then manually disconnected from the network via the front panel of the POD did not retain the configured network settings when reconnecting over WiFi.
  • Users now receive an email when an instructor or an admin resends an invitation to a section.
  • Easier access to the Edit tag and Delete tag commands for editing the time or slide stamps on notes in a student’s Study Guide and within the Notes panel of a classroom.
  • Instructors can now create a new class or group while the class list is filtered. The new class/group will appear in the filtered list if it meets the criteria. Otherwise the instructor must clear the filter to see their new class/group.
  • Playback of videos from the Q&A tab or from a student’s Study Guide now plays the video from the marked location and not from 0:00.
  • Fixed sorting issues resident in the grid/report views for the Admin Dashboard cards.
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