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Deleting Your Echo Content
Last Updated: Apr 15, 2019 08:40AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

You are the owner of any content that appears in the My Content tab of the Echo Home page. You can delete this content if it is no longer needed. You can also remove content from the Shared With Me page, but this simply removes it from your Shared page.

Deleting media is permanent; you cannot recover either the media or the analytic data associated with it. Because of this, some Echo360 Administrators do NOT allow Instructors to delete any class captures (those created by a capture appliance), even though you are the "owner". If you do not see the Delete option for an item in your Library page, first check where it may be published and remove it from the class(es) if needed. If that does not provide a delete option, contact your Administrator to have these deleted.

Before deleting media, click the tile and check the publishing information in the content details page first. (Does not apply if you are simply removing media that has been shared with you.)
If the content is published to a class, deleting it removes it from the class. This removes all student analytics associated with the item.
If you have shared the content with other users, deleting it also removes their access to it; it is removed from the Shared With Me page of those users.
Consider removing the content from a class or making the content unavailable if either of those options is more appropriate than deleting.

To delete your media

  1. Click on the tile to open the media details page
  2. Check the publishing information. If the item is published to one or more classes/sections, you may want to un-publish it first. As emphasized above, deleting an item deletes all analytic data associated with the content. Deleting is permanent and cannot be undone. By anyone.
  3. Click the Delete option located with the other media commands below the preview pane, as identified in the below figure.
    content details page with delete option identified for steps as described
  4. A warning message appears, indicating that all data associated with the content, including student notes and analytics, will also be deleted. 
    delete media warning message as described
  5. Click OK to delete the content.

If the content had been published, it is removed from those classes. If the content had been shared with other individuals, it is removed from the Shared with me page of their Content Home. If you are removing Shared media, you will no longer have access to the item.

ALTERNATELY, you can delete media directly from the tile on the Content Home page.

  • Click the menu button on the media tile, select More Actions and then select Delete (if it is available) or select Remove (if it is shared media). Media tile with menu open containing delete command for steps as described
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