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Editing Media Name and Description
Last Updated: May 28, 2019 10:05AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

When media is generated (like a capture) or uploaded to the system, it gets a file name or other title identifier that may or may not be descriptive of the media. Especially in the case of classroom captures, the capture video may have the same title as the section to which it is published, with no differentiation from one captured lecture to another. For uploaded videos or presentations, the original file name may appear as the title of the content.

Echo360 allows you to edit the media details as needed, providing a more descriptive title, and making the content easier to find in your Echo Content home. You can also add a description and keyword tags.

NOTE: Generally, you can only edit the details for content you own. However, if co-instructor edits are enabled for your course, you may also be able to edit the details of an item published to the class list, even though you do not own it. See The Magic Class List for how to edit media you do not own.

To edit the name and description of content

  1. There are a few ways to open the Edit media details dialog box:
    • Click the menu button for a content tile and select Edit
      Content tile menu with Edit option for title and description identified for steps as described

    • Click Edit in the Media Details page, located with the options below the preview/playback pane
      Media Details page with Edit option for title and description identified for steps as described
    • Click a media icon from the Class List and select Edit Description (instructors only)
      Edit Description option from class list icon for instructors as described
  2. In the Edit Media Details dialog box, enter or edit the TitleDescription, and/or Tags as necessary. Separate multiple tags with commas.
    Edit media details dialog box with media name and details fields populated
  3. Click SAVE.
The media tile information changes to show the new Title/Name, and the new title and description appear below the media preview pane in the content details page, both shown in the below figures.

Media Tile with updated video name/title shown as described

Content Details page showing updated media name and description as described
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