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Last Updated: Aug 22, 2019 11:58AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

All of the content you have access to outside of a course classroom can be found on your Echo360 Content library page, in the All Content tab. The All Content tab combines My Content (media you own) and Shared With Me content (media someone shared with you) into one place. 

What you can do with this media depends a lot on whether or not you own the media, and whether or not you are an Instructor or Student. Students may or may not have much content to work with. Instructors probably have some, maybe a lot, of content available to them.

Don't have any Content tabs on your Echo360 Home page? Administrators can disable the Student Content repository. If this is the case for your institution, you will only see a Courses tab on the Echo Home page. And you can stop reading this article.

Click the Echo360 logo in the top left corner to return to the Home page, then click All Content.

Echo Home page with Echo logo for accessing the home page and All Content tab identified as described

The media tiles show WHERE an item is published (if applicable) and WHO owns it. It also shows the length of the video or the number of slides in a presentation, as well as when it was added to the system.

Clicking ON a media tile opens the Content Details page. THIS is the point of being able to access this media outside of a classroom. The content details page provides the ability to view the item along with other information and functionality. The classroom only provides viewing.

Hovering over a media tile exposes a Menu button in the lower right corner of the thumbnail image. Click the menu button to access features available to you. What you can select depends on whether you own the media and whether you are an Instructor or a Student. It is essentially a shortcut to the same actions you could perform from the Content Details page.

Home page with content tile menu button identified and menu options expanded as described

The All Content tab is probably the easiest way to find the media you are looking for. However you need to also understand the difference between what appears on the My Content tab and what appears on the Shared With Me tab.

  • My Content - As the name implies, this is content you own. It is yours to do with as you please. You can copy, edit, publish to a class (if you are an instructor), share it with another user, along with other actions. See Why does Ownership Matter? below for more information.
  • Shared With Me - Once again, the name is clear; this is media that another use has shared with you so that you can view it outside of a classroom or section. See Viewing Shared Media for more information.

The bottom line is that the Echo360 Home page acts as the launching point for all things in Echo360, and the Content tabs provide a single content management location for your media.

If you are an instructor, you may also want to read Managing Media in Classrooms for information on publishing media directly to a class, and for working with the media already published there. 

How does it get there?

There are several ways content ends up in your Content pages.

Media you own appears in the My Content area of the Content Home page. Media that has been shared with you appears in the Shared With Me area of the Content Home page. Both kinds appear in the All Content area.

Why does ownership matter?

As stated above, the Content Details page is available for all media in your Echo Home content. You can view it outside of a classroom. You may also be able to Download or Copy media you don't own. See Viewing Shared Media for more information on that. 

If you are the owner of a piece of media, you have full control over the media. Instructors have more functionality than Students do (students cannot publish for example). OWNED media appears in the My Content tab as well as the All Content tab, and YOUR name appears at the bottom of the tile.

What can media owners do that non-owners cannot?

Instructors who are owners can also:

Exception to deleting media: Typically you can delete any media you own. This removes it from all locations in Echo (and it cannot be recovered!). Users can always delete media they uploaded or copies they created of other media. Instructors may be able to delete classroom recordings if an administrator has allowed it (it's an institutional setting), or you may not. If you see content in your Echo Home page that you own, but cannot delete, and this is a problem for you, contact your Administrator for assistance.

Important Point Regarding Media Control: Some instructors may be able to do things with class-published media that mimics ownership, such as editing the media or changing the name of it. The difference is that you only have access to that media through the Course, not through your Echo Home content pages. See The Magic Class List for information and links to class-list capabilities. Where editing is concerned, it is the same for the non-owning co-instructor as it is for the owner.
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