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Magic Class List Icons
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019 11:49AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Magic Class List Icons? What does that mean?

Typically students, teaching assistants, and instructors use the class list as a means to enter a classROOM to view or present the media posted there. Play the video, post Q&A or discussion points, take notes, maybe answer some activity slides, etc.


For some users, there are secrets hidden in the class list, that allows them to do other things with the media. Options that aren't available anywhere else.

If you read Overview: The Content on Your Home Page, you might remember that the Content on your home page provides access to media outside of a course. This article is talking about the media INSIDE of a course. The media icons in the class list may, if enabled by an instructor or administrator, allow you to copy or download or even edit that media (if you are an instructor or teaching assistant). 

Click one of the media icons in the class list. What you see depends on whether you are an instructor, teaching assistant, or a student, and on what feature settings are enabled or disabled for the institution, the organization, or the course.

There are two screenshots below; the one on the left is the possible Student media icon menu, and the one on the right is the possible Instructor/Teaching Assistant media icon menu. Remember - "possible" is the key here - not all of these options will be available to users across all courses. All users will always see View; this option takes you into the classroom, just as if you'd clicked the class row.

Student Media Icon Menu (from Class list) Instructor/Teaching Assistant Media Icon Menu (from class list)
video icon menu from the class list with possible options for students as described
video icon menu from the class list with possible options for an instructor as described

Student Class List Media Features

If the Section features are set to allow it, Students in the section can create copies of the class-published media. This generates a copy of the item, that they own, and which appears in the Content pages of the Echo360 Home page.

Students may also be able to Download media from the class list. This may provide a local copy of the presentation or video, or may only allow for downloads of the audio portion of the video/capture file. Again, the options available depend on institution, organization, or course settings.

Instructor/Teaching Assistant Class List Media Features

Instructor/Teaching Assistant class list icon options are designed to give ALL instructors and/or teaching assistants in a section some control over the media published to their classes, even if you do not OWN the media. Furthermore, many instructors/teaching assistants find it easier to publish to a class from the class list, than to do so from their content library, because the course and class is already selected for you. 

Instructor/Teaching Assistant media icon options can include (based on institution or course settings):
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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