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Monitoring and Managing Discussion/Q&A Posts
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 03:22PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

NOTE: Q&A/Discussion functionality can be disabled by an administrator for the institution or organization, or it can be disabled by an instructor for a course. If you do not see a Q&A tab, this may be the situation; furthermore, Q&A can be temporarily disabled, to reduce student chatter during certain classes. Any entries made are still there, and once re-enabled, users will see them again. 

The Q&A tab for a course is the one-stop-location for reviewing any discussion posts and responses made in a course, either in the classroom Question panel or directly into the Q&A tab. As an instructor or teaching assistant, you may decide you want to monitor the discussions for problematic posts, or you may want to post questions as discussion points for students.

Beyond the general viewing and participation in course Q&A, instructors and teaching assistants can endorse student questions or responses (give them the thumbs up!) and delete any user's post if it is inappropriate (you can always edit or delete your own posts).

Endorsing Student Posts and Responses

You can endorse student posts by clicking the thumbs up icon. This can indicate items you are glad were entered for other students to discuss, or identify those answers to your questions that you consider correct.

To endorse student questions and answers

  1. Access the Course you need from the Echo360 Home page to open the Class List.
    Alternately, if you enter from the LMS, the Echo360 link in the LMS course may place you directly into the Echo360 course class list.
  2. Click the Q&A tab. By default, the questions shown are sorted with the newest ones first.
  3. Locate the post you want to endorse.
  4. Click the thumbs up icon as shown in the below figure. It resides in directly below each question and response to which it applies, as indicated in the below figure.
    You can also click the thumbs up icon from the Discussions panel in the classroom.
    Q&A tab showing the thumbs up or endorse button as described
Students can also endorse or "like" Q&A entries. If an Instructor has endorsed an entry, the item appears with "Instructor Endorsed" below it.

Deleting a Q&A entry

As the instructor or teaching assistant of a course, you can delete any Q&A entries (questions or responses) that are inappropriate.

To delete a question or response

  1. Navigate to the Q&A tab.
  2. Find the question (or question with the response) you want to delete.
  3. Select the question so that it appears with all responses on the right side of the page.
  4. Click the X located to the right of the question or response you want to delete.
    Q&A tab showing a question and the delete icon for the question as described

    ALTERNATELY, if you posted the question or response, click the chevron (menu arrow) located to the right of the question or response, and select Delete from the menu options.
  5. Click OK on the confirmation dialog box that appears.
    Deleting a question also deletes all responses posted for the question. Deleting questions/responses is permanent and cannot be undone.

When finished, the page refreshes with the deleted item no longer appearing. If students bookmarked the question or any of its responses, those are also removed from their study guide.
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