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Viewing Video Transcriptions
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019 02:47PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Some classes with video media in them will also have a transcription of the spoken text available for viewing in the classroom. The Transcription panel is exposed by clicking the transcription button from the classroom toolbar, as shown in the below figure. Clicking the icon again closes the transcription panel. 

Classroom with Transcription panel open and icon identified as described

Why doesn't my class have a transcription button? If there is no button for the transcription panel, it means the video does not have a transcription. There are several reasons why this might be. The transcription is not yet finished (they take at least 30 minutes to complete); the media was published to the class before the transcription feature was added (automated transcriptions are requested on publish); the institution has not enabled automatic transcriptions of media; the video is more than 4 hours long. You can find more details on the automated transcription service at Automatic Transcriptioning Service or ASR.

Besides helping to reinforce the lecture information through the text of the lecture being visible with the audio, the transcription panel provides additional classroom functionality described in the sections below. After reviewing the transcriptions in the classroom if you are an instructor and the owner of the capture (it appears in your Library page), or co-instructor editing is turned on for the section, you may be able to download, edit, then re-upload the edited transcriptions if necessary.

Video and text syncing and skip to video location

Notice the highlighted section of the transcription panel in the above figure. This identifies the segment of text being spoken at its current location. This allows you to more easily follow along in the transcript panel and if appropriate, review the transcription text for accuracy to determine if edits are needed.

Select a different segment from within the currently displayed portion of the transcription, and the video will sync to that location and continue playing.

Scrolling through the transcription panel pauses the video. This allows you to find the segment you are looking for without the transcription panel trying to re-locate back to the actively playing section, which would cause the panel to scroll back and forth.

Click any segment from anywhere in the transcription to sync the video to that location; click Play to begin playing at that point.

If you scroll through the transcription but want to return to the segment that was playing instead of selecting a different one, simply click Play. The video will resume playing and the transcription panel will return to the playback location. In addition, the segment that had been playing remains highlighted, so you can scroll back through the transcription to easily find it without needing to resume playback.

Scrubbing through the video using the playbar or the FFWD and REV buttons also moves the transcription panel to the corresponding location in the transcript.

Searching the transcriptions

At the top of the transcription panel is a search box, allowing you to search the transcription for a particular word or phrase. Entering text into the search box automatically searches the transcription and underlines the matching entries as shown in the below figure. The area below the search box also notes how many results were found, and provides forward and back arrows, allowing you to page through the results.

Instructor classroom with transcriptions showing and transcription search results identified as described

Unlike the above figure, you may not see any search results in the panel currently shown, which is synced with the current location of the video. Searching does not pause the video. However, if you click either of the search-scrolling arrows, the video will pause while you find the segment containing the search result you are looking for.

Click in the segment to sync the video to that location, and click Play to resume playing the video at that location.

Instructor classroom with search result being selected to sync video to location as described

Downloading transcriptions

Transcriptions can be downloaded from the classroom for offline review if necessary. The file is downloaded as a *.vtt file, but this is recognized by most programs as a type of text file and can be opened with any text file viewer, such as Notepad, WordPad, or TextEdit, or any other type of word processing program.

Click the Download icon in the transcription panel, located to the left of the search box, as identified in the below figure.

Student classroom with transcription panel open and download button identified as described

The file is downloaded and you are asked to save or select a save as location, depending on your browser settings. The filename will likely match that of the class, but may not if the transcription file was edited or otherwise manually generated.

If you are downloading the transcription file to review and/or edit, know that transcription files contain a lot of extra entries besides the text of the transcribed speech, as shown below. If you are an instructor and planning to edit the file for re-upload to the classroom, see Editing Transcriptions for Accuracy for important information and tips, as well as Managing Transcriptions for download, upload, and revert instructions. Just know that the downloaded file will look considerably different than the text visible in the transcription panel in the classroom.

Sample transcription file as downloaded from a classroom as described
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