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Viewing Live Classes
Last Updated: Aug 08, 2019 10:21AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Some institutions may configure classes to be viewed in real-time, while they are being taught. These are called LIVE classes. For Instructors, teaching a class that is being live-streamed should be the same as teaching one that is being recorded, except that there may be fewer students IN the classroom because they can watch remotely.

Watching a live class is nearly the same experience, regardless of your role. The main differences are:

  • The video stream you are viewing cannot be rewound/fast-forwarded; it is happening in real-time. You can show/hide the stream, and you can mute the stream.
    Due to your network connection speed, your live playback may fall behind real-time events (potentially becoming out of sync), in which case, a "catch up" button will become available.
  • Any Notes taken (by students) will NOT have a video time-stamp; the live stream does not have timestamps until it is processed as a video. If there is a presentation in the classroom, the notes will have a slide location noted for the slide currently being viewed.
  • Questions/Discussion Posts cannot reference the video location, because the live stream does not have a referenceable location until it is processed as a video. Slides can be referenced, however.

If you are an instructor, keep in mind that viewers' comments, questions, and discussion posts can be responded to in real-time during the live class/event. For this reason, you may want to have a teaching assistant, ace student, or other minion monitor the Questions panel for questions or comments from participants, and either answer them immediately in the panel or pass them on to the presenter/instructor to address during the live class as appropriate.

To access a live class:

  1. Click the Echo Logo in the top left corner to return to the Echo Home page (if necessary).
  2. Click Courses from the left panel (if necessary; the Courses tab should appear by default).
    Courses in the currently active term appear first, in alphabetical order.
    Echo home page with courses tab active and courses listed for selection as described
  3. Click on the course tile. This opens the class list, as shown below. 
    The live class appears with a LIVE badge next to the class name. If the class is happening now, the LIVE badge is green. 
    Class list with a currently active Live streamed class showing Live badge as described
  4. Click on the class row to enter the classroom.
  5. Click Show Live Stream to see the stream (live streams will not auto-play). You can hide the stream at any time if necessary.

    If viewing the Live stream on a mobile device: When Echo360 detects you are viewing a live stream from a mobile device, it automatically buffers 40 seconds of the stream to ensure smooth playback. This means you may experience a delay in the start of the stream. It also means that your playback will lag anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute behind the real-time action being viewed. 

Students can click the Notes button to take notes while viewing the stream, but the notes will not have a video location stamp, because the live feed does not have a "timestamp". The processed video will when it's completed, and students can go back and edit the timestamps on notes to correspond to the video location if necessary. 

The instructor, an assistant instructor or teaching assistant may want to open the Questions panel to monitor any discussion students are having about the live-streamed class.  All entries and responses are retained for the class and will appear on the Q&A tab, as well as in the Questions panel when viewing the recording of this class later.

Click the Discussions button to close the panel if you need to.

The bottom of the classroom viewer has a controls bar that shows you the catch-up button, show/hide stream button, and view control buttons. The video icons (numbered 1 and 2) let you select which visual input to focus on in the viewer (if there is more than one). 

The classroom toolbar across the top also allows you to navigate out of the classroom when finished.
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