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Viewing Classroom Content
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 02:39PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Being "in the classroom" means viewing the content or media in the class, and interacting with the media in some way. You can watch the class as it was recorded, as well as view any other presentation materials that may have been shared to the classroom. 

The In-Classroom Tools let you take Notes (if you're a student), post and respond to Questions, bookmark video or slide locations, and if necessary, mark video scenes or slides as confusing. Notes and Q&A can be viewed outside of the classroom in the Study Guide or Q&A Tabs for the course respectively.

To view content in the classroom

  1. Click the Echo Logo in the top left corner to return to the Echo Home page (if necessary).
  2. Click Courses from the left panel (if necessary; the Courses tab should appear by default).
    Courses in the currently active term appear first, in alphabetical order.
    Echo home page with courses tab active and courses listed for selection as described
  3. Click on the course tile. This opens the class list, as shown below.
    Class list page with pointer to a class to click to enter the classroom as described
  4. Click on the class row. The classroom opens.
  5. Use the playback bar at the bottom of the classroom viewer to control the video or navigate through presentation pages. The figure below shows a classroom capture with a single video in the capture, as well as a separate presentation loaded to the class.
    Instructor view of classroom with classroom tools and playback bar as described
  6. Click one of the media panels to maximize that media in the window, and swap with the currently displayed item.
  7. Click the Layout icon on the right side of the playback bar to change the layout of the visual items in the classroom. Rotate through all of your options to see which works best for you. See Using Classroom Tools for details on the classroom controls and functionality.
  8. Click the Sources button to enable or disable one or more visual feeds. See Using Classroom Tools for details on the classroom controls and functionality.
  9. Click the Discussions icon to open the Q&A panel. Any questions or comments posted for this class, along with their responses, appear in the panel that opens on the right side of the classroom. You can post or respond to questions in this panel.
    Instructor classroom with discussions icon and discussion panel identified as described
  10. Click the New Question icon to open the Discussions panel with the New question text box open and ready for input. 
    instructor classroom with new question button and new question panel identified as described
  11. Students can click the Flag icon to mark a scene or slide as confusing. Instructors will see a notification dot with the number of students who flagged that particular slide or scene. Instructors can also use the Analytics tab to see exactly what portion of the content the student was viewing when they clicked the flag.
  12. When you are finished viewing this class, click the Class List link at the top of the classroom toolbar to jump directly to viewing another class.
    instructor classroom with link to open the class list tray for navigating to another classroom identified
  13. Alternately, click the Section Name at the top to exit the classroom and return to the Class List page.
    Instructor classroom with link to return to section class list identified
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