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Overview: Using Echo360 With Your LMS
Last Updated: Jan 03, 2019 11:10AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Some Institutions use Echo360 along with an LMS or Learning Management System. Echo360 supports integration with the five main LMS': Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Desire2Learn/BrightSpace, and Sakai. Although as long as the LMS supports the LTI (learning tools interoperability) standard, Echo360 should work with any of them.

Some institutions have the Admins do everything when it comes to linking Echo360 with the LMS. Some institutions want the instructors to do everything (including creating courses and sections!). Many institutions fall somewhere in the middle. So because we don't know which kind of institution you belong to, we've tried to cover all the bases with respect to documenting how to make the LMS > Echo360 integration work.

There are no instructions on this page; this page is simply an overview of how you can make Echo360 and your LMS work together smoothly. For instructions on how to accomplish the tasks described on this page, click the link below that describes what you want to do. Otherwise continue reading below for more overview information.

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If yours is an institution where Instructors create the Echo360 Courses/Sections to link into, refer to the information and instructions in Creating Echo360 Courses or Sections through the LMS.

Creating a Link to Echo in your LMS Course

The primary thing most institutions do is to have a link in their LMS courses that directs users into an Echo360 course/section. If this link is set up properly in the LMS, Echo360 can export analytic data for students to the LMS Gradebook. Many instructors find this feature very handy.

The link into Echo can be a single link to the course Class List, allowing students to navigate into different classes from there. Instructors can also set up multiple links into Echo that lead directly into a specific classroom. Many instructors use a combination of both. That allows most students to simply view the Echo360 recordings of class lectures as needed, but also provides additional focus on particular lectures that instructors may want to be certain students view and engage with.

Export Echo Analytics to the LMS Gradebook

The tricky part for having Echo360 be able to export student analytic data directly into the LMS gradebook is properly setting up the link from the LMS into Echo360, and selecting the right options. it is tricky, in part, because each LMS has different requirements for making this work. 

  • Each link into Echo360 can generate one and only one Gradebook column. 
  • In order for grades to come OUT of Echo into the LMS gradebook for an Echo360 link, each student must go INTO Echo via the link at least once. This means that if there is a link to an Echo Course Class List AND a link directly into a class in the same course, for the students' data to be written into the gradebook for both links, the student MUST have followed both links into Echo at least once. After that, they can view the Echo content any way they like.
See Sending Student Analytics Data to the LMS Gradebook as well as How Gradebook Exported Analytic Data is Calculated​ for additional information on gradebook exports.

Embedding Echo360 Videos into your LMS

Echo360 has created Echo360 Embed Buttons for Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard. These buttons, as the name might suggest, allow instructors (and admins) to simply select a video from their Echo360 content and embed it directly into a content window in the LMS. Basically it's an "Easy Button" for embedding videos.

But these buttons don't appear by magic; Echo admins have to install and configure the plug-ins that make the buttons possible. And we do not yet have them for Sakai or D2L/BrightSpace.
Never fear! You can still embed Echo videos into LMS content windows. You just have to do it the long way. But it works the same. The Easy Button just cuts a few steps out of the middle for you.
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