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Accessing Classes / Entering a Classroom
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019 12:51PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

Courses/Sections are accessed from the Echo home page.

Clicking into a course shows the course class list. Or you may click a link into Echo from your LMS which puts you onto the Class list for a course.

NOTE: The courses shown on the Courses tab are those you are enrolled in as your current role (student, instructor, teaching assistant). If you have MULTIPLE roles in Echo360, you may need to change your current role in order to see the Course you're looking for.

Clicking on a class row from the list opens the Classroom and lets you view the video or presentation for the class.

How to enter a Course and then a class

  1. Click the Echo Logo in the top left corner to return to the Echo Home page (if necessary).
  2. Click Courses from the left panel (if necessary; the Courses tab should appear by default).
    Courses in the most recent term appear first, in alphabetical order. If you do not see your course, you may need to change your role to see the relevant courses.
    Echo home page with courses tab active and courses listed for selection as described
  3. Click on the course tile. This opens the class list, as shown below.
    Class list page with pointer to a class to click to enter the classroom as described
  4. Click on the row for the class you want to view. See also More to Courses than Just Classes for what you can do in a course that isn't just viewing a classroom.

The classroom opens, showing whatever media is published there (video or a presentation or both).

  • Click Play (bottom left) to play the video.
  • If there is a presentation, click on the presentation tile to move it to the primary (left) position. 
  • Use the Right/Left arrows that appear when you hover over the presentation to page through it.

Student classroom with video and presentation and icons for actions as described

The toolbar across the top contains icons for additional in-classroom functionality. These are described in detail in Using Classroom Tools. Different icons may appear depending on whether you are a student or an instructor. Go ahead and click on them if you don't know what they do. Don't worry, you won't break anything.

The buttons at the bottom, on the right side of the playbar also help control classroom playback of the media, including volume, quality and speed control, and layout of the materials if there is more than one visual item in the classroom.

To EXIT the classroom and return to the class list, click the Course name located to the right of the classroom toolbar, as identified in the below figure.

Classroom with course name link identified for existing classroom to class list as described

To return to your Echo Home page, click the Echo360 Logo in the top left corner of the class list.

Class list with Echo Logo identified for returning to Echo Home page as described
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