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Overview: Student Class List
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2019 09:25AM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Students

When you click a Course tile from the Echo Home page, you end up on the Class List. Or your instructor may have configured a link from your LMS course into Echo that puts you on the Echo360 class list for the course. 

The Class List is, as its name would imply, is the list of classes in a course/section. Typically they have a name and a date. The classes are usually listed in chronological order, though an instructor may change the order if they want. If there is media published to a class, the class has an Icon for the type of media it is: either a video or a presentation or both. There are other indicators that may appear in the class list that are discussed below.

Student class list with media icons and currently active class indicator shown as described

A Green dot to the left of the class Name, shown for the December 6th class in the above figure, indicates that the class is happening now (the current date/time is the same as the scheduled class' date/time). If your instructor grades on Attendance in classes, click on the row to enter the classroom during class time. 

There may be a presentation to follow along with, or there may be active Q&A discussion happening. You can use the Notes panel to take notes on the class as needed, which will show up in your Study Guide for later reference. The recording of the lecture may appear in the class later, after it is finished recording and is published.

Interpreting the Media Icons for Classes

If there is NO icon shown for the class, there is no media to view in the classroom. Maybe the class capture has not happened yet, or the video is not yet available to students. It may be waiting for closed captions to be applied, or the instructor may have set student availability of the content to a particular date-range. Ask your instructor if you think it should be viewable but is not. 

Green icons, as shown in three of the four classes in the above figure, indicate that you have not yet entered that classroom or viewed that media.

Gray icons, as shown in one of the classes in the above figure, indicate that you have entered that classroom, though it does not indicate whether you actually viewed the content or not.

If ONE of the icons is green and the other is gray, it means you entered the classroom when one of the items was published but the second item was added later, after you had last been in the classroom. This is common if you enter a class while it is happening to view a presentation, but the video of the class isn't posted until later.

Click ON THE ICON to open a popup menu for it. This popup indicates whether or not you have viewed that item in the classroom, as shown in the below figure.

Video icon menu for a student with viewed status identified as described

Media Icon Menu

When you click one of the media icons, notice that a menu opens, as shown in the above figure.

Besides the "viewed" status of the media, notice the other commands that may appear for you. Depending on the functionality enabled by the instructor or an administrator, you may be able to download the media file to your local computer, or create a copy, which creates a copy of the video or presentation, that you own, and which appears in the content section of your Echo Home page. If you do not see these commands, these features are not enabled for students in this course.

Other Class List Icons

The "conversation" or bubble icons located on the right side of each class row have a number next to them that indicates how many questions have been posted in that class. Click on the icon to be taken to the Q&A Tab with that class' discussion posts showing.
Conversation bubble icons and number indicator on class list as described

Some classes are streamed live (in real time) as they occur. These are indicated by a LIVE badge that appears next to the class name.

  • A gray LIVE badge (gray live icon) indicates a future class that will be streamed live. If you enter the class early, you may see a countdown timer to the beginning of the class.
  • A green LIVE badge (green live badge) indicates that this class is happening right now and is currently being captured and streamed. Things in live classes act a little differently so we have a whole help article designed to answer any questions you might have about it.

    NOTE that a Green LIVE badge always appears with the Green Dot discussed above, indicating that the class is happening right now. If the Green Dot appears without a live badge, the class is happening but the video/capture of it is not being streamed live to students.

Searching and Sorting the Class List

At the top of the class list are the Search box and Sort drop-down list.
Class list search and sort features as described

Enter text into the Search box to find classes with matching criteria. The Class list search will attempt to match Date, Class Name, or Class Description (if there is one) to the entered text.

Use the Sort by drop-down list to re-sort the class list by Date, in either ascending (oldest first) or descending (newest first) order. Note that classes without a time/date will be listed at the top or bottom of these sorts depending on which you selected. Understand that your sorting selection is temporary. The Class List returns to its original order (as set by the instructor) on refresh.
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