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The Content Details Page
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2019 12:13PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

If you have media in the All Content tab of your Echo Home page, that simply means you have access to media outside of a classroom.

Clicking on a media tile opens the Content Details page (also called the Media Details page - the terms are used interchangeably). As the name would imply, this page provides details about the media and functionality not otherwise available.

If you are a student, and you have no items in the All Content area of the Echo360 Home page OR you do not see any Content tabs at all, this page does not apply to you. There is only one way you are viewing content and that is by viewing a classroom in a course. See Accessing Courses and Accessing Classes for more information, along with Using Classroom Tools for what you can do in the classroom.

To open the content details page, click on a content tile in your Echo Content Home page.

(Alternately, you can click View from the content tile menu, or if you are an instructor, select Details from the media icon in a class list.) 

The top section of the Content Details page has a playback or preview panel at the top. This allows you to play the video or page through the slides. The area immediately below the playback panel contains the Title of the media, a Description if there is one, how long ago it was created, and the owner. There is also a set of commands for the media. 

Top section of Content Details page with playback controls, media information, and command options as described

The media commands work as follows:

  • Share - Opens the Share Settings dialog box, allowing you to share the media with another Echo360 user, create a public link, or publish to a class. Different sharing actions can also be done using the options located in the bottom section of the Content Details page, as described below. 
  • Edit Media - Opens the video or presentation editor as appropriate to the type of media this is. See Editing a Video or Editing a Presentation as needed.
  • Edit - Opens the Edit Details dialog box where you can enter/edit a Title, Description, and Tags for the media. See also Editing Media Name and Description.
  • Make A Copy - Creates a copy of the media that you now own. The copy appears in the My Content (and All Content) areas of the Content Home page. See also Creating Copies of Media.
  • Download - Allows you to download a copy of the media to your local drive. If it is a video, you are asked to make selections regarding video, quality, or download only audio of the file. You can also use the links to the processed and source files located in the bottom right section of the Content Details page to download files locally. See also Downloading Content to your Computer.
  • Delete/Remove - Deletes the media, removing it from any shared locations, or if the option shows Remove, removes this shared media from your Content Home. See also Deleting Your Echo Content.

What actions you can perform on media depends on whether you own the media, whether you are an instructor or student, and what institutional settings are in place. Just understand that if you don't see an option or you cannot select it, you do not have the rights to perform that action on this media.

The bottom section of the Content Details page contains all the Share settings available to you, along with all of the shares that have already occurred (to classes, to individuals, and links that have been created for a video if it applies). What you see on the page will differ depending on your role (instructor or student) and whether or not you have access to certain features or functionality. The figure below is an instructor's content details page of media he (Tom Murphy) owns. Notice the Share settings for Classes and Individuals as well as the Captions and Transcripts drop-downs are active, allowing the owner/instructor to edit these items as needed.

Bottom section of content details page with sharing options and other functionality identified as described

The bottom section of the Content Details page provides access to the following:
  • Share to Classes - The Classes section shows the class name, course, and section where this item has already been published. See also Share (Publish) and Unshare Media to a Course. This area does not appear for Students. 
    • Click Add To A Class to add the media to a course.
    • Click the X to the right of a listed class to remove this item from that class. 
  • Share to Individuals - The Individuals section lists all the Echo360 users to whom this media has been shared. See also Sharing and Unsharing Media with other Echo360 Users.
    • Click into the Share with drop-down box and begin typing a user's name or email address, then select the user from the matching options that appear.
    • Click the X to the right of a user to un-share this media with that user. 
  • Generate a Shareable Link - The Links section lists all links that have already been generated for this media, and allows you to control and configure them as needed. See also Generating a Web Link and Embed Code for a Video.
    • Click Add Link to create a link to this media
    • Toggle the Share slider on or off to Activate or Deactivate an existing link.
    • Click Delete for a link to delete an existing link.
  • Closed Captions - The Captions entry on the right side of the bottom section identifies whether this video has a closed captioning file applied to it, and allows you to Upload or Delete a closed captioning file as needed.  
  • Transcriptions - The Transcripts entry on the right side of the bottom section identifies whether this video has been transcribed and allows you to Add or Update transcriptions as needed. See also Managing Transcriptions of Captures. Only Instructors can add or manage transcriptions; students can download transcription files for a video if downloads are allowed for this media.

REMEMBER: What options appear for you for a given piece of media depends on the type of media it is (e.g., you cannot generate links for presentations), whether you own it (e.g, you can only share media you own), whether you are an instructor or a student (e.g., students cannot publish media to classes), and some system settings as configured by your administrator (e.g., shared media may or may not be able to be copied or downloaded).

Other items in the Content Details page include an Activity tab located on the right side of the bottom section. This provides capture, processing, and publishing information about the media as it applies. If there is a problem with the media, the Activity tab should also note if/where an error occurred during the creation or processing of the media.

Finally, on the bottom-right side of the Content Details page you will see a list of source and processed files for this media. They are active links and if you click any of them, you will download that file to your local computer. NOTE: Source files are removed from the system after 12 weeks; the below figure shows a source file link for this capture. If you are viewing media details after the 12 week period, you will NOT see the source file entry. The processed file links are available for the duration of the media's existence.

Processed and source file list with links for downloading specific files as described
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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