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Edge Recommended Browser Configuration
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 08:36AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

Echo360 is a web-based application that uses a browser to view content and as such has certain browser requirements. Beyond ensuring you're using a supported browser, there are also some configuration settings you may need to check or change to successfully use Echo360.

This page provide instructions for allowing Flash to run in Microsoft Edge (for Live streamed classes). No other configurations should be required for Edge, as the browser defaults are otherwise compatible with Echo360.

Allowing Flash in Edge for LIVE Class Viewing

Because Flash is used to provide Live streams, your browser must have permission to play Flash content. Like many browsers, Microsoft Edge requires you to explicitly allow Flash for a website when you first attempt to play it. You should only have to do this once. After you have allowed Flash for a site, the setting remains unless you clear the Website Permissions in Edge Settings. 

The below instructions enable Live after you have entered the class and received the Flash notification. However, you can also perform these steps from anywhere in Echo360 by clicking the Lock icon in the URL bar. 

To allow Flash in Edge for a LIVE class

  1. Navigate to the LIVE class you want to view and click the Show Live Player button in the middle of the screen.
    At this point you will see a notification about Flash being out of date. This is probably a lie and actually indicates that Flash is not permitted in the browser.
  2. In the URL bar of Chrome, click the Lock icon located to the left of the address field, as shown in the below figure.
    Live class open in Edge with website security drop-down open showing Allow Flash option for steps as described
  3. Click Allow Adobe Flash located at the bottom of the security pop-up box.
  4. The box remains open, informing you to refresh the page to apply the permission settings. Click outside the box to remove it.
  5. Click the refresh button or press F5 to refresh the page.
  6. Click the Show Live Stream button. The live stream will now play.
Once you allow Flash for the site, that setting is retained unless you clear Website Permissions from the browser. To see the list of websites where you have granted permissions for third party programs to run, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, then click Manage Permissions, as shown below.
Edge with Manage Permissions option identified after pressing Control Alt Delete as described

The Echo360 url appears in the list of Website Permissions, with "Allow Flash" for the site. If you access Echo360 through an LMS, the LMS URL may appear instead (i.e.,, or
Edge website permissions list showing Echo360 URLs as well as canvas and blackboard urls as an example

If for some reason you do NOT have Flash installed or you do not have a recent enough version, go to to obtain it. It's free!

If viewing the Live stream on a mobile device through a mobile browser, Echo360 automatically buffers 40 seconds of the stream to ensure smooth playback. This means you may experience a delay in the start of the stream, and that your view will lag anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute behind the real-time action. The Echo360 Mobile Apps do not yet support live stream viewing.
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