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Enable or Disable or Limit Content Downloads from Class List
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019 02:59PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

By default, students and instructors can download content published to a class. If you do not want other users to download classroom content, you can disable this ability for any section. Disabling this feature applies to all class content across the section and all users (students and instructors). You can always download content if you own it (it appears in your Library).

If disabled, users will not see the Download or Download original menu options when they click on the content icon in the Class List. 

If the main Class Content downloads toggle is enabled, you can decide to limit downloads to ONLY the Audio-file for any video, and whether or not section users can download media from the section after the term expires. 

If any of these options are dimmed and you cannot change them, it means your administrator has it set at a higher level (organization, department, or institution) and with overrides disallowed for any lower levels. If you think you should be able to change the setting for your section, contact your administrator.

Enabling Audio-only downloads for class content prohibits any visual content downloads, and therefore has the following effects:

  • Selecting Download original from the video icon in the class list provides only the mp3 selection for download
  • Presentations will not be downloadable, as they do not have separate audio files.

These selections do not affect what items a user can download from their Library (content they own). As such, you may want to review your Create Copy settings for both Instructors and Students, to be sure users cannot bypass video download limitations by creating their own copy of class published content. Users can still download any content that appears in the My Content tab of their Echo360 Home page.

To disable class content download ability

  1. Log in as an instructor.
  2. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab for the course.
  3. Select Features from the left side of the tab, identified in the above figure.
  4. Toggle the Content downloads switch off to disable the ability to download content (it is enabled by default).
    Section Settings Features with content download options identified for steps as described
  5. Enable or disable the Audio-only downloads toggle as appropriate.
  6. Enable or disable the Out of term downloads toggle as appropriate.
  7. Review and click OK on confirmation messages as they appear.

The Download options are now set and will apply to ALL media published to this section.
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