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Enable or Disable Automatic Transcriptioning for a Section (ASR)
Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019 02:50PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Instructors

If it has been enabled by your administrator, Instructors may be able to turn on or off the ASR toggle for each of their sections. ASR stands for Automatic Speech Recognition, and refers to the automatic transcriptioning service provided through Amazon.

When ASR is turned on, all captures and videos published to this section after the toggle is enabled (that are less than 4 hours long) are sent through the service to have machine-generated transcriptions added to them. The trigger for sending an item for transcriptions is the act of publishing. This means that newly added and published captures and videos will be sent for transcriptions, but existing media will not be transcribed until they are re-published to a section where ASR is turned on.

Transcriptions will take at least 30 minutes to complete, but may take longer, depending on the length of the video and the overall number of transcription requests being processed at the same time. 

NOTE: If you remove then re-publish a capture to a class to obtain transcriptions, you will remove student video view data from the section analytics for that class/video. BETTER OPTION is to create a "holding class" solely for temporarily publishing videos (or use an expired section), publish the older, non-transcribed videos to the class then remove them. The act of publishing will trigger the automatic transcription; the video does not need to be left in the class for more than several seconds. Once applied, the transcriptions appear for the video in all locations to which it is published.

For more information on the ASR service see Automatic Transcriptioning Service or ASR.  We strongly encourage you to review this help article, so you understand the features and limitations of the ASR service.

If this option is dimmed and you cannot change it, it means your administrator has it set at a higher level (organization, department, or institution) and with overrides disallowed for any lower levels. If you think you should be able to change the setting for your section, contact your administrator.

ASR feature toggle on Section Settings Features tab as described

Once a capture has a transcription, the classroom toolbar displays a transcription button. This button opens the transcription panel. The text in the transcription panel is synced with the video. For more information on the classroom capabilities of transcriptions, see Viewing Video Transcriptions in the Classroom (Instructors).

Classroom showing transcription button with transcript open as described

To enable/disable automatic transcriptioning of captures/videos on publish 

  1. Log in as an instructor.
  2. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab for the course.
  3. Select Features from the left side of the tab, identified in the above figure.
  4. Toggle on or off the ASR option.
  5. Click OK on the confirmation message that appears.

If you turn ASR OFF, any existing transcriptions will remain with their media, but transcriptions will not be generated for any newly published content.
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