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Universal Capture for Students
Last Updated: Nov 08, 2018 01:11PM EST

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

NOTE: Personal mode for Windows is now available for Institutions that have opted in for Universal Capture selected beta testing. If you are not sure if your Institution has opted in, please contact your local Administrator.

Universal Capture is a cross-platform application that, if provided to you by your Instructor, can be installed on your personal computer and can be used as a capture device for recording assignments and other classroom activities.

Launching Universal Capture

Universal Capture can be accessed through the Desktop Application via Applications menu on a Mac or via the Start menu on a Windows PC, as shown in the below figures.
Universal Capture desktop application shown in Applications directory
Windows Start Menu with UC

Using Universal Capture

Universal Capture has been designed with an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to create an ad hoc recording (instructions below). 

For detailed information on how to create and control these types of recordings, see:

NOTE: If the Universal Capture UI is left open, after 20 minutes with no user interaction the previewing windows will time out.

Continue previewing prompt

Logging into Universal Capture

Universal Capture will prompt you to log in if not previously authenticated. If your institution uses Single Sign-On to authorize you (meaning you log into a university portal or other access point, and not directly into Echo360), you will see an institution login page, similar to the one you typically log into. Otherwise, you will see the Echo360 login page. Here are some authentication workflows you should be aware of:

  • When using the Echo360 login page, logging into/out of the main Echo360 web application also logs you into/out of the desktop application. However, if you belong to multiple institutions it only logs you in for the institution you selected during login.
    • The “Alternate login” link on the Echo360 login page does not log you to the desktop application, it only logs you into the main Echo360 web application.
  • Logging into/out of the desktop application does not log you into/out of the main Echo360 web application.
  • When logging into the desktop app in Classroom mode with the Echo360 login page, you do not have to separately enter your email address, but the initial focus is on the password field instead of the email address field.
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