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Release Notes: 2018-08-21
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2019 02:39PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

These Release Notes contain a summary of changes made for the August 21-22, 2018 release of Echo360. For changes made in previous deployments, see the other Release Notes articles located in this Topic group, or contact


  • The maximum capture duration has increased from 4 hours to 8 hours for the following capture devices: 
      -- Echo360 Pro
      -- Echo360 Pod
      -- Classroom Capture
      -- Universal Capture
    As a part of this work we have also made some changes to how we handle disk space during a recording. In order to reduce the risk of running out of space we now delete previously uploaded logs and content (including content that couldn’t be uploaded due to disk errors). 
    If necessary, in order not to run out of space, the Capture will be stopped prior to the scheduled end time. For details and limitations, see Working with Capture Appliances.
  • The Echo360 logo in the upper-left corner of the Universal Capture UI now links users back to their content, either the Instructor library page or the Admin Captures tab, depending on which role the user last logged in as
  • New lms-accounts endpoints in the Public API:
        GET /public/api/v1/lms-accounts
        DELETE /public/api/v1/lms-accounts
    Allows admins to retrieve or delete the LMS Ids for users as needed, where delete works just like the Reset LMS Account option does in the UI.
  • Mobile Apps updates, including:
    • iOS Mobile – Full background audio support, so that background audio continues playing when switching to other apps. Adds notification controls for media even when the app is not visible
    • Android Mobile – Fix for Thai language input for notes/bookmarks/responses
  • Delegated Admins now retain lower-level access if the feature is turned off after configuring Admins for only Org or Dept level access. See Disable Delegated Administration for details.


  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to edit a capture with no original media and Save it as a new capture in one step (previously had to Save As then edit)
  • Resolved an issue with Universal Capture where, after confirming the cancellation of a capture, the UI briefly displayed the recording controls instead of going directly back to the previewing state
  • Fixed text spacing issues in the UI for the cancel capture confirmation screen
  • Resolved an issue when using Classroom Capture and Chrome version 67 where you would be prompted continuously to close Chrome in order to record in CCAP
  • Resolved an issue where some captures were being displayed without the correct Source type
  • Updated documentation surrounding System Imaging for Classroom Capture. See Installing Classroom Capture 
  • Updated Universal Capture documentation to include how to find the Institution ID needed for installing UC in Classroom mode.
  • Resolved an issue where Delegated Admins (org or dept level) were given Institution-level admin access if they also had the Instructor role assigned to them.
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