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Changes to Source Media File Retention in Echo360
Last Updated: Jul 09, 2018 12:41PM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

What is changing?

In alignment with our existing contracts, the Echo360 platform will begin to automatically delete Source Media Files as they reach 180 days of age. In addition, all Source Media Files already beyond this age will also be removed. This will not affect your output media files (those used for user download and playback), the ability to edit and re-use media, or any playback of media in the platform. 

Why is this feature changing?

Echo360 produces several Source Media Files (aka raw media files) at the time of capture; uploads those files to the Echo360 tenant instance, and then media processes them into several output media files (aka output products) that are published for end user consumption via streaming or download. End users cannot view or interact with the Source Media Files, only the output products. Instructors and admins can edit the Source Media Files to create updated versions which are again media processed into output products for consumption by end users.

All Echo360 contracts have a content retention policy for both the source files and the output products. Source Media File retention ranges from 12-15 weeks from the date of capture (the approximate duration of an academic term). The standard retention period for output products is currently two (2) years; however, customers can purchase an extension to the retention period that will provide an additional two (2) years for a total of four years of content retention. 

While Echo360 had the contractual right to delete the Source Media Files after a maximum of 15 weeks, we have not done so to date because the Source Media Files were the only files that could be edited. As a result, Echo360 has retained Source Media Files indefinitely just in case customers elected to edit a legacy file even when the content retention period for the Source Media File had expired. 

Echo360 recently released the ability to edit recordings using our output media files not just the Source Media Files.  Now that customers have the capability to edit the output media files we are implementing a deletion process in accordance with our contractual retention period.  To ensure an adequate time period to download or edit the Source Media Files we are extending the retention period from the 12-15 weeks in existing contracts (84 – 105 days) to 180 days.  

What are Source Media files?

Source Media Files are the original media files uploaded from an Echo360 hardware capture device (PRO, POD, or SCHD) or Echo360 capture software (PCAP, CCAP, or Universal Capture).   This does not currently include media uploaded directly to the platform, such as video or presentation uploads to an instructor or student library.  

Source Media Files are uploaded to the Echo360 platform and are transformed (encoded) into the output products found in the Echo360 Classroom and embedded media player.   Additionally, Source Media Files were previously the only file available for editing content from its original version.

How does this affect users?

As we no longer need the Source Media File for editing, this change will have no negative impact on functionality within the Echo360 platform.  Echo360 will retain an original processed media version to allow edits to be restored even after the source media has been deleted.  This change is purely a cost savings measure in line with the pricing afforded you the customer, and should be completely transparent for you and your users. 

This announcement has no impact on end user output products. These output products will be retained according to the separate contractual retention period customers agreed to: two (2) years standard, and four (4) years optional. If a customer is on a grandfathered output product retention period, Echo360 will not deviate from those prior agreements for output products. 

When will this change happen?

This change will go into effect on July 30, 2018.

What do you need to do?

If you would like to retain any older Source Media Files in the platform, please download them before July 30th.

Downloading source files is done from the Content Details page, on the bottom right of the Info tab where the source files are listed. Click the file(s) you want to download.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact your Echo360 account manager, customer success representative, or Echo360 support (  We love hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have.
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