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Audit Trail Report
Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018 11:38AM EDT

This article applies to:  Echo360 Admins

The Audit Trail report is shown by clicking the Audit Trail card on the Administrator’s Dashboard. It provides a detailed list of changes made to objects in the system, the type of change made and the user logged in who made the change.

Entries are available from April 2018 forward.

Audit trail entries are provided for the institution as a whole. In addition, all administrators can see all audit trail entries, regardless of whether or not they are an admin with limited or delegated admin access (to an org or dept).

Audit Trail report with options and data as described

The columns in the audit trail are as follows:

  • Time - shows the time and date the change was made
  • Username - shows the user who was logged in and made the change 
  • Action - shows the action made; includes Added, Modified, and Deleted (also Deactivated for users)
  • Type - lists the type of object the change was made on; currently includes Organization, Dept, Term, Section, Course, and User
  • Description - provides specifics about the object on which the action was taken, to include the name of the object (such as Section name or email address for a user).

By default the list is ordered by date/time, with the most recent changes shown first. Click the Time header to reverse-sort the list. Only the Time column can currently be used to sort.

The list can be filtered by date range using the Date Range field located above the list.

To clear any filtering or sorting and return the list to it's original state, click Clear All.

The list is also paginated, showing 30 entries on each page. Use the "next page" arrows located to the bottom-right of the list to move to subsequent pages, and the "previous page" arrows to return to previous pages.
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